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I've looked around quite a bit on this forum and can't find an answer to this one...


I'm importing DV videotapes from an old Sony camcorder onto my Macbook Pro using iMovie 11.  I have unchecked the iMovie import dialog box that says "Split days into new Events".


When I click import in iMovie the video is indeed imported.....but upon looking at my hard disk after the whole tape was imported, iMovie split my import into about 35 separate DV file clips.


I don't want all of these individual DV clip files....I just want to do a straight import from the camera tape to hard disk and have one resulting large DV file (which for an hour of DV video will probably be around 17 gig).  If iMovie is going to split my single tape into 35 separate DV files then I'm going to have to go through the extra steps to create an iMovie project, assemble the clips into a movie within that project, export to a single movie file, etc.  All of that just to get a simple import done....


Is there a way to use iMovie to just do an import from the DV tape to a single DV file on my hard disk?  Or, do I have to find another piece of software to do this?


Any input would be greatly appreciated because I have about twenty DV tapes sitting on my desk and I need an easy way to import all of this stuff to archive it...




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