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Similar to other folks, I am having problems getting song files to "stick" as local downloaded songs on my new iPhone 5s. I am a fairly experienced user with the previous versions of iPhones, iTunes and so forth.


-- MacBook Pro OS X 10.7.5

-- iTunes 11.1.1 -- WIFI sync enabled, plus iCloud match

-- iCloud -- enabled as back up and match in iTunes and on iPhone

-- iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.2 -- a few days old


On the laptop, I have about 800 songs - some from my old CD's and some downloaded on iTunes (on the current laptop, and from an older MacBook years ago). When I am in a WIFI spot, the iPhone shows most (but not all) of my songs in iTunes, but most have the iCloud symbol to the right, with a red arrow indicating that the song can be downloaded from iCloud. I manually clicked on this download button for about 100 songs (A-I titles), in order to have those files be saved on the iPhone.


After these downloads, the process seemed to be working. I could take the iPhone in the car, and listen to the songs (via BlueTooth on the car system), even if I was not in a WIFI hot spot. The songs truly seemed to be saved on the phone.


A day later, however, the "saved" songs on the phone seemed to revert to the "downloadable" status, and would not play if I had no Internet access (no WIFI and no 4G).


Is there a problem with all the new software working in harmony?


I have tried turning off WIFI sync, iCloud match, etc., and doing a hard backup/sync with the phone connected to the laptop, and the results are inconsistent. One time only 29 of 800 songs appeared on the phone.


Thanks for any suggestions.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2
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    Thanks to Lawrence on another thread, the manual is here:


    http://manuals.info.apple.com/MANUALS/1000/MA1565/en_US/iphone_user_guide.pdfhtt p://



    On p. 63:


    "Turning on iTunes Match removes synced music from the iPhone"


    "When iTunes Match is on, downloaded music is automatically removed from iPhone as space is needed, starting with the oldest and least-played songs. An iCloud icon ( ) appears next to removed songs and albums, showing that the songs and albums are still available through iCloud but not stored locally on iPhone."


    This option appears to be relevant:


    "Remove iPhone from your list of “iTunes in the Cloud” devices. In iTunes on your computer, choose

    Store > View Account. Sign in, then click Manage Devices in the “iTunes in the Cloud” section."



    Lots of stuff to figure out on our own . . .

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    OK, I turned off iTunes Match, and removed the new iPhone from the iTune Store's list of iCloud list of devices in the Account settings, and done a hard sync via USB cable, with Sync Music and Entire Music Library checked (680 songs), and only 52 songs show up on the iPhone.


    If an Apple expert could at least tell us that Apple is working on this, I don't mind waiting a few days for a software patch, if one is coming.


    Phew! Have a good weekend.

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    Further progress by checking "Manually manage music and videos" here:


    -- iPhone connected via USB cable to laptop

    -- iTunes click on iPhone at top right button

    -- Summary tab

    -- Options -- check these (and uncheck the other options):

         + Sync Only checked songs and videos (all songs were already checked in iTunes Music)

         + Manually manage music and videos

    -- Sync button on lower right (plus another button after -- forget that one but an obvious choice)

         + progress bar at the top showed each song being synced to the phone


    iTunes Song list on the iPhone 5s now shows 554 songs, and NONE has the iCloud icon to the right for downloading. Phew!


    Progress, but only with a manual sync via USB cable. I'll take this for now, and will check the play-ability via BlueTooth in the car later.


    Have a good weekend.

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  • Robby153 Level 1 Level 1

    As I just posted on another thread, I found a temporary peace by turning off iTM, Restoring my phone, and syncing my music from laptop to iPhone via USB cable and manually managing songs during the sync. As I add new songs to iTunes on the laptop in the future, I will have to do more hard syncs via USB -- OK by me for now.




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    Sounds like an awful lot of trouble to just play the music you already purchased from Apple with their own program on their own platform. Should "just work", no?

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    Hi Robby153


    I had the same issue, my music which I had downloaded from iTunes was not able to be played when I did not have wifi access. I had the little cloud picture next to each song.


    I just realised that as my iPhone was nearly full I had unticked some songs that I had not played yet, this included some new music I had just downloaded. So when I had wifi connection I was still able to play the music I had not physically synced onto my iPhone as it could detect that I had purchased the music legitimately.


    I have now gone through my music library & selected my new songs and they are now synced into my iPhone & I can play them no issues without wifi.


    I hope this helps your issue too :)