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Similar to other folks, I am having problems getting song files to "stick" as local downloaded songs on my new iPhone 5s. I am a fairly experienced user with the previous versions of iPhones, iTunes and so forth.


-- MacBook Pro OS X 10.7.5

-- iTunes 11.1.1 -- WIFI sync enabled, plus iCloud match

-- iCloud -- enabled as back up and match in iTunes and on iPhone

-- iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.2 -- a few days old


On the laptop, I have about 800 songs - some from my old CD's and some downloaded on iTunes (on the current laptop, and from an older MacBook years ago). When I am in a WIFI spot, the iPhone shows most (but not all) of my songs in iTunes, but most have the iCloud symbol to the right, with a red arrow indicating that the song can be downloaded from iCloud. I manually clicked on this download button for about 100 songs (A-I titles), in order to have those files be saved on the iPhone.


After these downloads, the process seemed to be working. I could take the iPhone in the car, and listen to the songs (via BlueTooth on the car system), even if I was not in a WIFI hot spot. The songs truly seemed to be saved on the phone.


A day later, however, the "saved" songs on the phone seemed to revert to the "downloadable" status, and would not play if I had no Internet access (no WIFI and no 4G).


Is there a problem with all the new software working in harmony?


I have tried turning off WIFI sync, iCloud match, etc., and doing a hard backup/sync with the phone connected to the laptop, and the results are inconsistent. One time only 29 of 800 songs appeared on the phone.


Thanks for any suggestions.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2