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Hello everyone,


I have a 13" Macbook Pro that I purchased (new) in February 2013.


Yesterday I was working on it with an external mouse plugged into one USB, a bicycle light charger plugged into the other USB, and an external monitor connected in that port with the Apple connector, plus the power cord was plugged in. I had Word documents open, an Excel doc as well, plus iTunes running, and I had Chrome open as my browser. I had to quickly leave so unplugged all of them quickly, then closed the cover.


A few hours later when I opened the computer I had no cursor. I gave it a few minutes to "wake up" but nothing happened. I then turned the computer off with the power button. When it came back on I had a folder with a question mark and it was blinking.


In looking through the discussion forums, I tried holding down the Control button. This too me to Internet Recovery. Now I'm at the OS X Utilities and it has four options: Restore from Time Machine, Reinstall OS X, Get Help Online, or Disk Utility.


I back up the computer frequently with T.M. to an external HD, but I'd rather not erase the HD and start over.


I have seen some suggest resetting the PRAM when this issue occurs. As the computer was not dropped, I hope it was more of an overload issue when I unplugged so many things at once and shut it down.


I am definitely not a skilled computer fixer, so wanted to see if anyone with more knowledge could offer the best steps to take.


Thank you!

Mac Pro
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