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    The iphone feedback page is located here:

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    I did pretty much the same thing. I'm not joking my breath though.

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    I have been receiving numerous calls the last few days with "No Caller ID". I have Sprint as a carrier, and they do not have a service to block these calls. What I did do (after the last call this morning), was create a user in my contacts named "No Caller ID" with a bogus number 555-5555, and then blocked it through: Settings -> Phone -> Blocked (then add the "contact" you wish to block). You can also add the contact"No Caller ID" to the blocked list by selecting "Block This Caller" in the contact page for this "contact".


    The hope here is that the phone will block the call based on the contact name, and not the phone number. I tried it with a null phone number, but you can't add a contact without a phone number to the blocked list.


    There is no way for me to verify that it is working (either they stopped calling me, or it's working), but I will know if it doesn't work if I receive a call from "No Caller ID".


    I've been receiving these calls two - three times a day, so if I don't get another one today, I will assume it's working if not, c'est la vie.

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    I'm trying your idea, Rich.  I made the contact "No Caller ID" with a generic number.  But instead of blocking it, I just assigned it a unique ringtone.  If I see that it's working, then I'll remove all ringtones and vibrations.


    I've blocked these guys before.  When they're blocked they just change their number.  Blocking must give them notice somehow.  So what I do instead is I made a silent ringtone and I just assign that to them.  That way it rings "normally" to them but I don't get bothered.  I might see any messages they leave, and they'll be a "missed call."  That's not much of a problem.


    You can turn vibrations off in the contacts settings.

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    Had another call come in this aftrnoon. It obviously keys on the number and not the name. :-(

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    I think I have a solution to this problem.  I have been getting phone calls from blocked numbers for the past 2 days, so I setup a contact as "No Caller ID" with no phone number and linked it to a blocked caller.  Last night I had a voicemail from "Unknown" but no call ever rang to my phone.

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    Doesn't work, it needs a number to block successfully.

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    This is the best workaround I've come up with:


    Step 1: Create a completely silent ringtone  (


    Step 2:  Make the silent ringtone the default ringtone and also set its vibration to "none".  (Do the same for text alerts).


    Step 3:  Get a free Google Voice number ( and configure it to forward to your cellphone number.  Choose the option to display the Google Voice number in the caller id field, rather than the caller's number.  Also activate the call screening option.


    Step 4:  Create a new caller group on the iphone containing only a contact entry for your Google Voice number.  Set its default ringtone to your original ringtone, its vibration to your original choice, etc.  (Same for text alerts).


    Step 5:  Change your voicemail message to tell callers of your new Googel Voice number.  (Or, you might be able to port your existing number depending on your area code and your tolerance level for dealing with the phone company's customer service department).

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    Tom- interesting however


    A- Google voice is not available to everyone . It's only available to people in the United States


    B- that's way complicated .


    C- Apple really needs to address this so that we can deal with this without third party's or additional phone numbers , and or getting new numbers .

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    I wish people would stop posting the false workaround of creating a contact out of the unidentified or no caller ID  number . It just plain doesn't work, and someone seems to post it every other week and then come back with "Thought it was working, it wasn't " this functionality simply isn't in any if the iOS builds at this time . I'm not sure if there's a jail broken solution, but I don't want to be forced into a jail broken solution anyway , I don't want to jailbreak my phone for security reasons . I suggest that those people frustrated by this feature not being available go and do the feature request as Celebrity DNA suggested at

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    Thanks for the tip. I just sent the following comment to Apple:  Please create a solution for us iPhone users to block those aforementioned calls that have their numbers blocked. Would also be great if you could direct the call straight to a greeting that tells the caller that such calls are not accepted and for the caller to unblock their numbers and to call back.

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    What really needs to happen is the "Do Not Call Registry" needs to implement a dialback feature to allow users to:

    1. Immediately report the offending number, when it comes in,

    2. to block that number from your phone, and

    3. Prosecute the offenders.

    I think a simple * code could do this, let's say *666.

    The do not call report page is BS. I've filed three complaints on the site, none have been addressed.

    Maybe if congress got off of their butts and did something for the people and not for corporations trying to make money off of the people this could happen. (aka Sprint charging $5 a month to give you the capability to block "Unknown Caller Id")

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    While I agree with your sentiment , iPhones are used by people in many different countries and it would be easier for Apple to put functionality in to allow users to address this issue than it would to advocate to have the laws enforced and modified in every country that Apple does business in. I have phone numbers in both The United States and Canada all blocked on their respective Do Not Call lists, and it hasn't really stopped spammers from calling me. Plus when you do business with a bank you often agree when you sign up for their services to allow them and their business partners to call you to offer you things based on your banking relationship, and that's legally stuff that's excluded from the  registry . You have to look closely in the paperwork when you take out a line of credit with a bank, but the language is in there.


    I really want Apple to use create this feature, because I'm often called by telemarketers for people who had my phone number previously , this has happened to me with two previous numbers , and I've also been called by collection agencies looking for someone with my same last name, but who isn't me, and who refuses to accept that I'm not that person . I've changed my number since, but is till get unwanted telemarketing calls by autodiallers at least once a day .

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    When I contacted AT&T, they told me that they could not block "No Caller IDs" due to a FCC mandate. What I also found interesting, is that the FCC created and manages the "Do not call registry".  Phone number buckets are sold for good money. What better way to get numbers by creating a problem, providing a solution and capitalizing on the unknown. Sounds just like anti-virus companies. The obvoius fact in this is that the carriers can not block them, and now Iphones can not block them. Its really that simple.

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    You have been misinformed. The Do Not Call registry is managed by the FTC, not the FCC.