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  • splurben Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Apple! This is crazy! In Australia ALL INTERNET CONNECTIONS ARE METERED, it's the same in many other countries! This means that by forcing us to synchronise strictly by iCloud, we have the double or even treble or quadruple our downloads, depending on how many Mac OS and iOS devices we have. We should all complaining heavily via Apple's feedback channel.

  • AirGoggles Level 1 Level 1

    My late-2008 MBP is on Mavericks 10.9.1/iTunes 11.1.3 and I can Wi-Fi sync with both my 3rd-gen iPad and iPhone 5, both on iOS 7.0.4. My friend can't Wi-Fi sync his 4th-gen iPad or iPhone 4S (both iOS 7.0.4) to his mid-2012 MBA (10.9.1/11.1.3). It definitely hasn't been axed, but it seems to be very inconsistent. And yes, I know for a fact that my MBP is indeed syncing with my devices over Wi-Fi, not iCloud.

  • echelon3 Level 1 Level 1

    You'll want to double-check that, as your calendars and contacts will not sync.

    It's not my opinion, it's a statement by Apple themselves.

  • paulfromhere Level 1 Level 1

    I had shut off the ipv6 on windows itunes because it was listed as a fix for home sharing not working. Anyway, I restored my Airport Extreme to Default settings, which restores ipv6 to auto.


    I also restored the connection settings to include ipv6 automatically on both the imac and windows pc.


    I recreated the same name and password for the wifi, and then connected my imac and my windows 8 itunes to it. At first, the windows 8 itunes didn't show the imac itunes and the iphone 5s didn't show the windows itunes library, but a few hours later, when I returned, and booted up the imac, it did.


    When the iphone and ipad appear in itunes, sometimes they sync successfully. Sometimes they disappear.


    I find that if I keep checking back on the iphone/ipad under Settings > General > iTunes WiFi Sync that eventually I will get a blue Sync Now message that will start the sync. Once the sync starts, it will appear in itunes and I can select the specific items to sync and click Apply to get it done.


    I must admit, I've only been using this for an hour, so don't know if it will work again in a couple days.


    The other coincidence is that the itunes home sharing also disappears on the iPhone when the phone disappears from iTunes, but it also comes back on it's own on the iphone/ipad when that Sync Now reappears. And once it reappears on the device, it doesn't drop when I go to use it.


    So far, the ATV has not dropped the home shared itunes. If it does, I intend to go in and out of the Computer icon on the TV to see if it gets restored from that end.


    Maybe the bug is that the device (iPhone, iPad, ATV, or other PC iTunes) fails to poll the iTunes that we're working with and it just assumes it's gone, so drops it.


    So far, if I start using the home share from the device, it has not dropped the connection. YMMV

  • verdi1987 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm running iTunes 11.1.3 on OS X 10.8.5.


    My iPhone 5 was able to WiFi sync; however, my iPad Air would not show up under Devices in iTunes unless I connected it via USB. If I disconnected the USB, it would disappear from Devices. I toggled the WiFi sync setting several times and tried the various IPv6 settings recommended in this thread, rebooted my AirPort Extreme, and rebooted my Mac. Nothing worked.


    I also tried to initiate the sync from the iPad Air to no avail.


    The iPhone and iPad are on the same network and same subnet. It was perplexing that the iPhone could WiFi sync, but the iPad could not.


    I did a restore on the iPad and synced from backup, and now it is able to WiFi sync.

  • stefanfromodakra Level 1 Level 1

    I found out that if I restart all my devices (2 x iPhone 5, 3 x iPhone 4S,1 x iPad G1, 1 x iPad Mini G1) when they are connected to my WIFI, they will pop up in iTunes and I can sync to them and do backup and all sort of things to them.

    If I then disconnect a device from WIFI in some way, leaving home or turning it off, iTunes doesn't reconnect to the device (or thinks that the connection is still there). If iTunes are active the device ist still listed but if I start any operation for that device, iTunes starts to look for it and after a while the device disappears from the list.

    As far as I know, the ONLY way is to restart the device to make it work again.


    I think that there is something wrong with the latest iTunes or Mavericks since I have the same problem with my old iPad G1 that doesn't run iOS 7.


    Do you have the same behavior as me?

  • geezerhiker Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, this describes what I observed before I gave up on wi-fi sync altogether.

  • kiPyxa Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. OS X 10.9.1, iTunes 11.1.3 - sync over wifi not working.

  • dlxneamtu Level 1 Level 1

    same here, please address this!

  • brucengena1215 Level 1 Level 1

    I updagted the firmware on my Airport Extreme and that seems to have fixed my problem.

  • paulfromhere Level 1 Level 1

    brucengena1215 wrote:


    I updagted the firmware on my Airport Extreme and that seems to have fixed my problem.


    I beg your pardon .. there hasn't been a firmware or utility update for quite some time. Specifically, what update are you talking about?

  • brucengena1215 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree, there has not been a firmware update in quite a while.  But I haven't been updating mine.  Not sure of the firmware update number, but now it is up to date and it has been working.

  • paulfromhere Level 1 Level 1

    I just noticed the apple support page on airport firmware at


    Apparently, it's easy to roll back to an earlier firmware. Maybe there's a solution here for us. I think I'll explore it more. Anyone already tried?

  • paulfromhere Level 1 Level 1

    I'm running 7.6.4 on my 5th gen extreme and it's not listed on this page


    I wonder if it was pulled back and whether we should be on 7.6.3 instead? Maybe we need to downgrade. The risk is that if we go to 7.6.3 and it's worse, how will we get back to 7.6.4, since there appears to be no direct link to it?


    brucengina1215, you can click your mouse over your airport to see the version number in the popup. Would you mind checking which version you got when you upgraded? If it's 7.6.4, like us, then the HT1998 is simply out of date. If you're on 7.6.3, then I think we need to roll back.



  • brucengena1215 Level 1 Level 1

    I have 7.6.4........but its not working now.  iPhone does not show up in iTunes,


    Any other ideas?

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