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    The only "advantage" is that the filter's definition of blank is now consistent with the ISBLANK formula. For that reason, I don't have heartburn over the filter's new definition of blank. But no replacement method was given so I cannot create a filter that gives the result I need.

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    I agree it is silly to take away such a vast number of features, it seems very clear that iOS sync is given priority above anything. But you should actually see your old Numbers version still living on your Mac. It has not been replaced, and you can actually have them both running simultaneously.  But take care not to open your "old" documents with the new version if there are features you need to keep. Bottom line: You can use your old Numbers version for anything that does not go in your iCloud folder, whereas you need to use the new version to sync with iOS. Now you will at least be certain not to have any compatibiliy issues with the latter.

  • Badunit Level 6 (11,615 points)

    Yes, both version can be run at the same time but it is not seamless and convenient. Opening a Numbers 2.3 document in Numbers 3.0 has the potential to ruin it. So I had this brainstorm: I set my computer up so all Numbers documents open with Numbers 2.3 by default. My thinking was that the worst that could happen is a Numbers 3.0 document will say it cannot be read.  Numbers 3.0 documents would require a right click and "open with Numbers (3.0)".  Only problem is that my computer decided it liked it the other way and changed it back itself. Everything is opening in Numbers 3.0 again. So I guess that idea might not work after all.

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    For me this is working as a temporary solution, I distinguish between the two with Mavericks tags. A second option is to always open the files from within the right version, using cmd+O or to use the menu object Archive->Open recent.

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    it is a joke we have to keep 2 versions of the same software to make it work...


    for me it was a downgrade and now I know why it was free

  • Jerrold Green1 Level 7 (29,960 points)



    The first update has been issued. I have marked the items that have been corrected with a strike-through font.


    Function or feature or issue

    Applescript support has been greatly reduced (To be improved by  May 2014 - full restoration not mentioned)

    Automatic Format does not always recognize YYYY-MM-DD as a date input.

    Categories View gone

    Cell border custom line weight is sometimes lost when using Filter Rows

    Character Styles are limited to 7, no way to create more. (There is a plus-button but it is inactive)

    Charted Dates don’t display properly when used as X-Axis values - hope this is just a bug

    Chart Linking, Charts in Pages Updated from Tables in Numbers, is gone

    Charts, when Copied to the Clipboard, are low resolution bit map images, not vector graphics as in previous version of Numbers.

    Comments can’t be Printed

    Comments can’t be repositioned

    Comments can’t be resized

    Comments only display as Tool Tips now, can’t be static displays

    Conditional Format of Logic State (TRUE/FALSE) in 2.3 is converted to Numeric Value of 0 or 1 when document is opened by 3.0. Yet the only way to write such a conditional format in 3.0 requires a Text condition of TRUE/FALSE. Any attempt to edit the converted document’s conditional format results in a loss of the logic state conditional format that was imported.

    Conditional Format with Dates doesn’t support all date formats (perhaps just a bug)

    Contacts; Drag and Drop into Numbers from Contacts no longer supported

    CSV, Pasting or Dragging. to a table or the canvas is gone file import seems to be limited to dragging a CSV file to the Numbers Dock Icon or using File > Open.

    Custom Formats gone

    Date Format Options represent only US English norms and do not change with Country Settings

    Filter action no longer moves content below the table up or down to account fo the length of the table being filtered.

    Filter, Show Rows that Match, no longer treats a null string as a Blank Cell

    Find and Replace Results Pane is gone - was a great navigation tool

    Find and Replace can no longer be used to modify formulas

    Formula Bar is gone, replaced by a field at the bottom of the Numbers window in which the expression is displayed but can not be edited

    Formulas and Functions user guide PDF, easily searchable, is gone, replaced by web help page

    Formula List is Gone

    Formula entry bug prevents direct entry of cell range in which the second column reference begins with the same letter as any function name.

    Functions Tool has lost the ability to insert a row containing a statistics function, acting on a selected range, including multiple column ranges

    Graphics Inspector no longer treats a Table as an Object that can be formatted by the Graphics Inspector tools. Or, looking at it from the Table perspective, there is no way to add Shadow effect to a Table’s outline

    Hyperlink click no longer takes user directly to URL. Instead user must first click, then choose Edit or Open.

    INDEX function no longer recognizes a Table Name as a Range

    Insert > Date and Time is gone

    Insert > Filename is gone

    Keyboard Shortcut reminders have been removed from Drop-Down Row and Column menus

    Media Browser no longer includes a Search field

    Move and Mark for Move are gone from the Edit Menu

    Numbers User Guide PDF is gone, replaced by web help page

    Numbers 08 documents Can’t be opened in Numbers 3.0

    Page Headers and Footers are gone (To be restored May 2014)

    Page Margins can’t be adjusted

    Print Preview view not available while editing (Zoom and Windowing to be improved in some way by May 2014 - Editing in Print Preview View not mentioned)

    Pop-Up Menu Format no longer expands with a click of the Spacebar

    QFX Financial File Exchange, bank and brokerage files, import is no longer supported

    Reorganize Panel gone, no multi-level sort. (Multilevel Sort to be restored by May 2014)

    Return key option to set the behavior while editing a cell is gone

    Scatter Chart can no longer accept data dragged in from another table. Must reconfigure tables to aggregate data for charting.

    Services are curtailed. Devon Wordservice services are absent in Numbers 3.0.

    Share Menu is gone, and Export to PDF not longer has the option to make a PDF in Sheet View mode with no page breaks.

    Show Autocompletion List in Table Columns is gone (To be restored May 2014)

    Sort Selected Rows is gone (To be restored May 2014)

    Sorting detector now stops cell references from following the sort movement. This loss a PLUS.

    Split Cells is gone

    Table Fills are not supported

    Text Boxes can not be Copied to the Clipboard, therefore can not be converted to a PDF in Preview via the Command-N route

    Toolbar Editor(add, delete, rearrange tool icons) is gone. Numbers 3.0.1

    Trendline Equation and R-Squared values are fixed in place now - formerly were movable.

    Values sometimes replace expressions when V2 documents are opened in V3

    Window size and Placement not Preserved on Save  Numbers 3.0.1

    Zoom (default view magnification) not settable as a Preference. Numbers 3.0.1




  • papalapapp Level 1 (80 points)

    Jerry, I think the issue with not saving the zoom leve is still there when the file lives in iCloud. When I change it to 100%, it opens at 125%.


    Regarding window placement I haven't noticed any changes even when saving on Mac. Still opening on my 13" screen but not on the 23" secondary display (like numbers '09 does). So annoying. 

  • SGIII Level 6 (8,667 points)

    Hi papalapapp,


    Try File > Save before closing and see if the document saved in iCloud keeps its zoom level when you reopen.  It does here.





  • papalapapp Level 1 (80 points)

    Ok, on Mac-only it indeed saves the zoom. As I am also working with iPad, it resets the zoom every time I touch the document there. Sigh.


    Btw: It's the same the other way around. Opening the file on Mac, resets the zoom level on iPad.

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    Has anyone noticed the problem with 'Enter' going to the next cell down, and there is no option to choose that it can go to a new line in the same cell? I think the option before was 'enter goes to new cell' which I had unchecked, but in new numbers, it defaults to enter going to next cell in column and no option to stop this.


    I believe the keyboard shortcut to 'edit a cell' is Option-Return, and 'Complete a cell entry and select the cell' is Enter ( I want to switch these around. Any ideas? Bugged if I know why the chocie to do this in the previous Numbers was taken out ....


    Has anyone found the same problem and has a solution to this?


    Many many thanks!

  • Bondi Locals @ Bondi 88FM Level 1 (0 points)

    How did they lose so much functionality in the new Numbers? So many useful things gone!

  • Linda Menkhorst Level 1 (0 points)

    I now have started using Filter Table ... instead of Categorize to get almost the same result for me in a different way, but I still would prefer Categorize.

  • Jerrold Green1 Level 7 (29,960 points)



    Pages treats the Enter/Return key the way you like it. Pages may meet your needs better than Numbers.



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    Until they fix this debaucle, I've resorted to taking a quick picture, shift/Command/4 and referring to it until this is resolved.


    I completely agree with you!

  • ZoomnWheels Level 1 (0 points)

    Best of both worlds?


    No because if you make changes to an 09 document you'd better keep using that version because, from what I know, once you make changes to the 09 document, it will upgrade that doc permanently to the 10.9 version. THEN, if you want to work in the 10.9 doc you have to export it in the 09 choice.  But then, you will have to keep track of your changes in BOTH the 10.8 and 10.9 versions, heaven knows why you'd want to do that say what?! Backed into a corner. I should have known better than to upgrade right away!