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after upgrading my 5s to 7.0.3 yesterday I experience crashes when trying to unlock the Device via TouchID.

The Springboard resprings (Black Screen, Apple Logo) and after a few seconds the Lockscreen appears again.


Deleting and creating new Fingerprints and even a Full Restore didnt do the trick.... still crashing up to 20 Times a Day


The Diagnosis Data says that the Springboard Crashes with an SigSegFault


Come on Apple..... Why?

Redmontino California or what?!

  • pdroth Level 5 (5,095 points)

    Your phone is brand new.   Call Apple and have them troubleshoot it - maybe something internally has failed.

  • FormOverFunction Level 1 (0 points)

    Have the exact same issue since upgrading last night... It's not the phone. Opening apps and moving from screen to screen also takes a few milliseconds longer than it did before upgrading (not material, but noticeable and indication processor is jammed up)

  • dstroot Level 1 (5 points)

    Yep - seeing the same here also.  This describes it exactly:



    "The Springboard resprings (Black Screen, Apple Logo) and after a few seconds the Lockscreen appears again."

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    I have exactly the same problem, only started after an OTA update to 7.0.3, haven't tried a full restore but according to the OP it doesn't sound like that would fix the issue.

  • FormOverFunction Level 1 (0 points)

    Have an appt shortly to take the phone in and will post anything helpful.  That said, i have found that if you leave your finger on the touch sensor a few seconds after the phone is unlocked it avoids the issue (at least for me)...

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    I have the same issue. I paid a visit to the "Genius" Bar and they replaced the phone. One hour afterwards, the new phone crashed. Took it back to the Apple Store and they replaced again. Apparently the geniuses only know how to replace hardware. Wow! What a waste of $$$$. Anyway, that did not help and I am still having a problem. Definitely NOT a hardware issue. It is software. I tried deleting all of my apps, but still does not help. There is a race condition going on, since I cannot repro the issue every single time. Seems like some piece of software is not playing correctly with Springboard...

  • Nijntje Level 1 (35 points)

    Having similar issues, not that often though. Am trying to restore it now.

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    Okay everyone.  Spent yesterday morning on the phone with apple care.  Basically it appears that my iCloud backup was corrupt.  I had to use iTunes to restore the phone to factory settings.  Then I set up my phone as a new phone.  I deleted all of my old iCloud backups. I did download my contacts and email and calendar from iCloud. Everything works great now!  Hope this helps someone else.

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    I have an open case with Apple on this. Here's what I know to be true, and a Senior Advisor at Apple support has confirmed that this is being looked at by the engineers, based in part on my report and the information that I was able to provide.


    There is a bug in iOS 7.0.3 that is causing this somewhat random issue where when unlocking your iPhone 5S with TouchID causes the springboard to crash. This is only happening when the parallax feature is disabled (Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > [ON] ).


    At the present time, the only ways to prevent the springboard crash from occurring is to pick one:

    1. Turn ON the parallax feature (Reduce Motion > [OFF])
    2. Turn TouchID [OFF]
    3. Unlock the iPhone 5S via swipe and passcode.

    There are some reports that you can minimize/prevent the springboard crash by leaving your finger on the home button for an extra second, but for me, at least, that has not proven to be very successful.


    So far, I have

    1. Wiped my 5S and restored from backup.
    2. Wiped my 5S and set up as a new device.
    3. Swapped my 5S out at my local Apple store genius bar.


    None of these actions has resolved the issue. The only thing that currently stops the springboard crash is to either turn off the TouchID itself or set Reduce Motion to [OFF]... or simply not use the TouchID by using the swipe/passcode to unlock the phone.

  • Dadanox Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks  DWFaust,

    I've turned off reduce motion, and we'll see how it goes. Same exact problem. I had set up the phone as new, etc, and turned off touchid. 


    Now, hopefully I am back in business.

  • DWFaust Level 1 (25 points)

    One more interesting discovery. One of my buddies is experiencing the same issue. Rather than turning off the parallax effect, he discovered that if he holds his finger/thumb on the home button for a second longer  (until the fade in animation finishes), he is also not getting the crashes.


    Not sure why that works, but he says that he hasn’t had a single springboard crash using that method.


    ... just another thought ...

  • Pathtovitality Level 1 (0 points)

    It's a bug in the 7.0.3 software when reduce motion is turned on since I have turned it off the phone has stopped crashing, perhaps wait for 7.0.4 rather than restoring or visit Genius Bar etc

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    @DWFaust, adding another Me Too, since upgrading to 7.0.3 and with Reduce Motion ON.  Experiencing several crashes daily. A relief reading your post as I was beginning to think it might be a hardware problem.  I've disabled Reduce Motion so will see.   P.S.:  My failure rate with Touch ID has been rather high, definitely above 60%. Sigh. I've gone through the trouble of deleting my initial set of fingerprints and re-registering them to no improvement over the long term. At first I noticed an improvement but then results degraded to a >= 60% failure rate for me.  I admit I have dry, chapped skin on thumbs (esp. during winter) so I am sure this contributes to the failure. They will have to fine tune this to account for a variety of skin conditions. Also know that Touch ID won't work after washing hands and so forth.

  • Dadanox Level 1 (0 points)

    For your touchid failure rate, you could do a simple test.  Put in your same finger multiple times (you can learn it up to 5 times).  If that doesn't reduce the "try again" rate, I would first suspect a hardware issue.  In my tests, I had a good success rate normally, but learning the same finger more than once significantly reduced the error rate (to under 1%).


    As a followup, I've had no more touchid crashes since turning off "reduce motion", yay.

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