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    ok i'll try it thanks for the info, i will reply for the outcome whether it improved or not

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    This sounds like the problem some of us had on 7.0.2. When I put my 4 and wife's 4s to 7.0.2, they started discharging at approx 25% per hour even when on standby. We tried all the troubleshooting tips floating around and nothing changed. Even with the phone practically crippled (no background updating, no wifi, no Bluetooth, no cellular data, no 3G, no gps etc), making it the equivalent of a 20year old Nokia, it still chewed through the battery to the point where even with no use it would be flat in about 4 hours. The phone was a very effective pocket warmer, but was practically useless as a phone, and especially wasn't a "smart" phone.  Then like magic, after a few weeks of suffering through that, the problem went away on my phone, and a couple of week's later it went away on my wife's phone. Since the problem went away, I've been able to turn all the nifty features back on, and the phone still gets acceptable battery life. Sorry that I can't offer a solution, but from my experience there is no solution other than waiting it out. Certainly all the tips saying "turn this feature off" made negligible difference to the problem, and just meant that in addition to having bad battery life, I had no functionality either.


    I'm reluctant to step up to 7.0.3 now in case the problem comes back.

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    Thanks Robertzamora19.

    This was helpful.

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    I have iPhone 5 and downloaded 7.0.3.  It drains the battery badly at first.  After about 2 hours it drained 20% with normal use.  Then turning off the iCloud Keychain, charged all the way to 100%. After 24 hours with normal use (phone calls, SMS, iMessage, browsing and iTune Radio), it still has 30% left.  It is the same if not better compare to 7.0.2. 


    Hope this helps.

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    Same problem with me on iPhone 5. Waiting for an update, I hope Apple releases it soon.

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    Okay. After reading some posts regarding iCloud Keychain, I decided to experiment with that a little bit. It looks like Keychain is, indeed, the problem. I tested it under normal conditions for 24 hours with the feature on and 24 hours with the feature off. At around the same time everyday the battery level would drop dramatically while Keychain was enabled. With the feature off, the battery appeared to drain at a relatively normal rate. I would suggest disabling Keychain for now. If that doesn't work, try restoring without enabling iCloud Keychain. Let's hope there's a fix in the works.

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    You were using wifi or LTE as well?

    My key chain is ON, ill check the results after turning it off.

    But my battery only remains for around 5hrs on wifi. And around 3-4 hrs on LTE + 3G

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    Had LTE on all day. Occasionally would toggle wifi off when there was no need for it. But that's what is would normally do anyway. I would say wifi was enabled at least 60% of the time.

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    Do u have any approximation for how long your phone's battery kept working?

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    Normal usage:

    I charge my phone in the evening (around 7pm) and unplug it after it's fully charged just before going sleep (11pm or 12am). I would call myself a light to moderate user (a dozen or so emails, 50 +/- texts during the work day, light web surfing, a few youtube videos, checking twitter 5 or 6 times). I use the phone a little more in the afternoon and early evening which is when I see the most battery loss. Pre-7.0.3, at 7 pm after normal use, my phone might be at 30-40%. After the update (Keychain enabled), it starts out okay but gets progressively worse in the early afternoon. I'm lucky to make it home with any battery by 4:30 pm. Without Keychain, it's about the same as before the update. Hope that helps.

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    I'm having the same problem.  I upgraded to iOS 7.0.3 and put the iPad to sleep with nothing running in the back ground and a full charge.  The next day it was down to 13% and I hadn't even used it.  Nothing like this has ever happened before.  Is there a way to go back to iOS 7.0.2?  I sure hope Apple fixes this problem soon because my iPad is virtually useless right now.

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    Are your iPhone and iPad both cellular? And are they both locked?

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    Well Is it possible that you can check the results in your phone settings? Settings -> general -> usage, there it will be given TIME SINCE LAST CHARGE.

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         After turning off nearly everything on my new 5s, I found something that seems to actually make a difference. The default "auto-lock" was set at "never." The result was the phone never went to stand-by or sleep mode. I changed it to "1 minute" and it's the first thing that's made a difference in my battery.


          To make the change, go to Settings>General>Auto-Lock.


         In addition, I push the button on top so the screen darkens whenever I stop talking, texting, etc.

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    I suppose I can after testing it again. I just didn't feel the need to be that precise at the time.