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    Some possible issues to eliminate here, however this is assuming there is a problem with one's machine, not Mavericks itself as it's been obviously tested before release.


    Mac is slow after upgrading to Mavericks

  • pable Level 1 Level 1


    I also had the same problem, flickering screen, laggy scrolling, jerky dock... All gone after running the trial version of AutoCad 2014! Restarted several times, still holds!

    Thanks Pedro Hesse for this tip.

  • Zextasy Level 1 Level 1

    A temperature sensor could be bad. I've had this problem for a while now, did everything from an sic and pram reset to a fresh mavericks install. only got a solution today. Try this link

    You will have to keep an eye on your temperature, but that's it. Till you're ready to go get it fixed at an apple store.

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    What specifically did you do in Autocad 14 for those of us unfamiliar with it.


    Much thanks!

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    I don't think it's a temperature sensor in my case. New Mac, temperature readings normal. I checked your article, doesn't apply to more recent models, since they don't even have their own .plist file in the mentionned kext folder.




    I don't know Autocad 14 at all, I just downloaded it because someone pointed out this possible fix. So after installing the app, I opened it, found out that it is some kind of advanced technical drawing/3D modelling software, then I finally drew some circles, ellipses and rectangles. That's it.

    After closing the app and restarting, everything was fine.


    Hope I could help.

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    I had the same problem,

    running Autocad 2013 fixed it. Weird.. But thanks for the tip!


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    I dont think running Autocad should be a fix. but should i backUP my files and do a clean format.



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    Well if you experience the problems described in this thread (flickering screen, laggy scrolling, jerky dock...) then there is a good chance that Autocad will fix it. At least, that's what I and several other users found out from our own experience! You've got nothing to lose! See for yourself.


    If now the whole system is laggy and there are other problems, I would first try the usual things like cleaning  caches,  repairing permissions, verifying and if necessary repairing the hard disk, zapping PRAM... If that doesn't work, uninstall suspicious software and undo any eventual customizations that might cause the problem.


    After that  I would  suggest you to backup via Timemachine AND by making a bootable clone (with Carbon Copy Cloner for instance) and doing a clean install, so as a last resort only.


    This is what I do and everything's running fine for years.

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    Hi Pedro, thanks fof sharing. I did the same with opening Autocad 2013. Just open and close, it fixed the problem!?


    Nothing was easier than this to fix this problem. haha.

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    iMac 2010, i7 dual core.

    MAJOR lag when waking from sleep

    Network disconnects

    EVERYTHING is slow

    Hate this

    Surprised apple has not provided fixes as I am hearing from everyone that Mavericks lags

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    I had the same problems as everyone else in this thread.


    I was freaking the **** out because I need my macbook to work at any given time. How am I gonna use Logic if I can't even scroll down a news article?


    For five hours straight I was looking for a solution and during this time I tried at least four very complex methods including some next-level hi-tech stuff I didn't understand 10% of, but managed to get through. It yielded no result. I had tears in my eyes by the fourth hour.


    Was it frustration? 

    Or sheer sadness?

    I don't know..


    Then I stumbled upon this thread! This beautiful thread, where multiple people said that AutoCAD worked for them. Now, I took that with a grain of salt ofcourse, as it sounded too simple and frankly quite moronic, that this software intended for 3D designs would remove the seemingly unrelated lag problems on my MacBook Pro. During the whole process of downloading and installing it I was already getting ready to go to the apple store with my mac, as I was sure AutoCAD wouldn't work. Then I opened AutoCAD.




    My MacBook works like a charm! I have no idea how, why, when, who what?! BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER!


    Guys, I've been using the Interwebz since '97 and this if my first forum post. That's how happy I am right now. I am so happy that I replied to a forum post just to say that it worked for me, and maybe others can share my happiness.





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    After you run AutoCAD can you uninstall? I hate to use 1GB of space for an OS problem. I really which I could roll make to previous Mtn. Lion

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    Thank you guys!

    I got flickering screen, laggy scrolling, jerky dock... problems, Openned Autocad 2013, All problems are gone. Unbelievable.

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    I tried the autocad "fix" on my 2012 rentina MBP and it didn't fix anything. i tested it several times to no avail.

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    So it worked for a bunch of people here but it didn't work for you.

    Not sure it's the same problem then.

    Albeit I agree that the Autocad fix is somewhat myterious... but since trying it out (well over a month) I didn't experience ANY of the mentionned issues anymore.

    Coincidence? Surely not.