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I just installed OS Mavericks 10.9 (no idea if it's connected to the problem or not but it never happened till now), and now when I'm using Logic and play my file, the space behind the playhead turns to black in the edit window. It goes away if i switch to another window or application and then go back, but it happens again, and i have no idea what caused it or how to make it stop. Has anyone else experienced something similar? anyone know how to deal with this?

Logic Express 8, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    It's happening in Logic Pro also.  This is the price one pays for being an "early adopter."  Hopefully, Apple will rectify this in a future update.



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    Thats what i was thinking. At least it doesn't seem to really effect the performance of the application. More just an annoyance.

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    yep me too...still works but its going to be a complete pig to work with

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    In Logic Pro 9, I had the same problem. Update to 9.1.7 or 9.1.8. I was running 9.1.5 and it went away once I updated. If you don't have the last update installed, you should try that and see if it works.

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    Hi, having the exact same problem, using LP8 also...

    How do I 'roll back' to snow lion from my back up?

    Apparently it should fix the problem....?

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    i just have express 8, and there don't seem to be any updates for it at the moment that I don't already have (plus at this point it is fairly old) and i don't want to shell out the $200 for LX just yet simply because of a small glitch like this one. Was updating all that you did to try to fix the problem? Do you think maybe re-installing would help?

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    For all who have installed Mavericks, there's also the option of downloading the new and FREE GarageBand 11.  It is for all intents and purposes the new Logic Express X.  You've got nothing to lose except some HD space.

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    But can I do the same things in that i've done in logic? I mean, i got logic as an 'upgrade' for myseld from garage band when i first started using it so that i would have a better and more detailed program. I don't want to be forced to download a less powerful or less useful program, just because of these lines.

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    There's no simple answer to your question. 


    First of all, if you've really enjoyed your experience with LE8 and would like to stay as close to that as possible, you may just want to buy a Logic Express 9 upgrade.  So far, LE9 seems to run just fine on my iMac with Mavericks.  You can still find upgrades if you look hard enough, like at Amazon, for example.  LE9 was a really nice upgrade from LE8 while retaining the same basic look and functions, so you will not experience any culture shock.


    As I alluded to previously, the new GarageBand is almost more of a Logic Express X than an update of GB.  But it looks and functions very much like Logic Pro X, which is very dramatically different than any previous Logic, Pro or Express.  You WILL experience culture shock.  However, GB 10 is not a toy, but a very powerful program.  And it's FREE!  If nothing else, you get the Drummer Track with GB 10 which is fantastic.


    It really depends on which features you particularly like in LE8.  If you can live with the black lines, stick with LE8.  Or upgrade to LE9, which should eliminate the lines.  And maybe give GB10 a try.  You can always just uninstall it if you don't like it.  And if you fall in love with it, you just might end up buying LPX.

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    There is a simple answer. Apple deliberately creates these bugs to force us to upgrade - they don't just appear from nowhere. There is therefore  nil chance of them issuing a fix

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    Well . . . I guess I stand corrected.  

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    I had to take my iMac to an Apple store where they preformed a downgrade for me from Maverick to Mountain Lion.

    Then attempted to reinstalled Logic 8. Was unable to do so- where as the Logic application worked on mountain Lion with no issues unfortunately the installer for Logic did not.

    I then had to wipe my iMac again & downgrade to OS X 10.6 (snow leopard) then install Logic again & all 32bit plugins as I had the same issues with them not loading in mountain Lion.

    After doing this I upgraded back to mountain Lion.


    There's no other way if u want to remain on Logic 8 with your 32bit Plugins also & get rid of those black lines I'm afraid.

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    I agree that the only surefire way to resolve the issue completely is to get rid of Mavericks.


    I had foolishly installed Mavericks and hated it so much that I decided to wipe my HD clean.  I knew it would be a major pain but I couldn't live with Mavericks.  After lots of preliminary research I deactivated some of my software, then wiped my HD clean and reinstalled OSX10.6 from my original disc.  I updated Snow Leopard to 10.6.8, installed some applications, and then upgraded to 10.8.5, which is where I'm staying.


    It took me nearly a week to get all my software reinstalled/reactivated/reauthorized and set all my preferences back to where they were, but it was definitely worth it to get rid of Mavericks.

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    I am also having the same problems with the black lines. I have logic pro 8 and I have Yosemite 10.10.2. I updated late in December 2013.


    I feel that I am getting forced into buying a upgrade. I am quite happy using my version of Logic at this present time.


    All I can do is wait for a fix from Apple or to be forced to purchase an upgrade.


    My good thoughts of Apple as a company and there products are slowly sinking. What goes up, must come down.


    Sorry, I am not very happy.