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    But at it says: "Apple does not recommend leaving your portable plugged in all the time". I use it on the charger like 99% of the time during the week and then discharge it normally and recharge on the weekend. Not every week probably. I take it off the charger every night - it goes home with me. Then I may use it here and there on the weekend and go back to the office and use it like that. I probably do the 5% or less thing once every two months but regularly discharge here and there like I use it at home and then back to work. It gets light use.

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    teejaystudio wrote:


    But at it says: "Apple does not recommend leaving your portable plugged in all the time"

    I did not suggest leaving it plugged in all the time!




    Previously you stated (in response to my question)

    Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 2.49.35 PM.png


    Now you say that you did not. I do not know which of those is true so I'll step out now.


    Good luck.

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    Same here. Macbook Air mid-2012. Updated Mavericks in October. Today when my macbook still had about 40% battery life, I brought it somewhere else and when turned on, it showed the battery was dead. After plug in the charger, it turned on and the system was exremely slow. The "kernel_task" in Activity Monitor was taking up extremely high resources and the "Service battery" message came up. After ten minutes and one reboot, the system was ok to use but I checked the battery, it now only has 41% of the original capacity. I only have 93 cycles on my battery.


    Tried SMC reset, no change. After a full charge( extremely slow at first, it told me it needs 20 hours to charge up. But better later and maybe used one and half hour), the capacity is now 66% of original, but still far from that before this accident.


    This, including the "kernel_task" thing is exactly the same phenomenon as one of the posts above. Thus I believe this is definitely not an uncommon issue. I won't buy a new battery until Apple has dealt with this problem in its system update. I am gonna try the recalibration.


    This is the battery info after it shows "service battery". The original capacity is 6700 so 2771 is only 41%. I checked it by Battery Health Monitor.


      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):   2771

      Health Information:

      Cycle Count:  93

      Condition:    Service Battery

      Battery Installed:    Yes

      Amperage (mA):    1944

      Voltage (mV): 8110

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    Hope I m in the right string as I have been evrywhere. Service Battery appeared when I up graded to Mavericks and the computer shuts off when low on juice without warning. When restarted  the date and time must be reset and must do a permission repair due to the spinning beach ball. Battery recharges to 100% but service battery still in menu bar. If I need a battery I'll get one but don't want t w/o reason.  here is info on machine BTW Mavericks was installed at an Apple Genius Bar

    Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 4.37.04 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 4.37.53 PM.png

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    Same problems as everyone else. Service Battery message all of a sudden and poor battery performance. Mid 2011 MBA. Brought to Apple Store, they said for my computer 500 cycles was max and I needed to replace battery. After looking up my computer, it is actually 1,000 cycles.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 2.07.54 PM.png

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    Same prolem here on my macbook pro 15" early 2011. Replaced my battery twice already but again de "Service battery" pops up and battery life is bad. Next week up for battery number 3..


    There must be an apple issue... :

    Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 21.23.03.png

  • ronalders Level 1 (0 points)

    My kernel_task was always between 20% and 100% cpu usage on top in the Activity Monitor when running into above battery issues. I just run Onyx for Mavericks (its free on and cleaned de boot and kernel cache. And after that the "kernal_task" cpu usage dropped to +/- 2% and never on top of the Activiy Monitor and battery life seems a lo better...

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    Same here, upgraded to mavericks on late 2009 white macbook and battery was awful lost at least hour maybe more. Ive now just dowgraded back to snow leopard and im now getting the service battery warning

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      Whoa! I just had the exact same issue a few days after updating to Mavericks. I have an early 2011 MBP with a design capacity of 6900 mAh and have been discharging my battery every now and then. I have been using my Mac for a few days on my power adapter. Just as I disconnected the MagSafe connector. I noticed that the battery indicator has turned red, and when clicking on it, it would prompt me to service my battery! What really struck me as odd is that the design capacity dropped to a whooping 475 mAh, that's 7% of my original battery capacity, and would only hold the charge for 10 minutes, even though it only had 231 cycles!!! I even tried resetting the SMC and even the PRAM with no luck. Hope there's a fix soon.


    Screenshot 2014-01-27 21.45.39.png

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    MacbookPro 2009 Maverick ... I must say... after fretting all the hoopla ... I did all I could to search out the truth... I installed a new battery and lo and behold... I am back to all is well and then some...lots of juice/time.

    For all who are still having problems...I hope you well... gawd it can be a frustrating thing!

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    Service Battery 2 days after maveric update :\



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    I gave up the wait, I don't believe there will come a fix from apple. I went to the store last week with my early 2011 15"MBP with only 115 cycles. They said it was really weird and could see i didn't do anything weird with it. But the battery was dead so there was nothing day could do. They said i had to call apple to see if they maybe gave a refund for new battery but they didn't. So now i've spend 200,- for a new battery. My only concern is, is that i think this battery will also start draining fast.

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    Battery was determined to have FAILED by store Genius and replaced under AppleCare warranty. However, I got 3 different suggestions on how to "care for" my new battery from 3 different Apple Geniuses. Now I am even more confused. And when I asked if this was a Mavericks issue they said "no, the battery failed."

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    At least for me....


    Macbook pro 2009 13" (360 cycles) and two weeks after to upgrade to Mavericks the dawn message appears. I had tested everything: SMC, battery full discharge..etc etc etc....


    If the battery was perfect before to upgrade (my situation) my solution was to clean all the caches with Onyx...taaadaaaa!!!.


    Well, i did all the others things before but, the message dissapeared when i cleaned all the caches. That was the truth.


    Good luck!!

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    Hey Vicent, do you mean ALL the caches or just  the boot and kernel caches from System ?



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