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  • Pavlovscat Level 1 (0 points)

    Picked up a new one DMPLK8, not sure what week but came with ios 7.0.3 so I would guess relatively recent.


    Slight but annoying bookspine on left when held portrait with home button at bottom (not always visible). 

    No other obvious areas of fixed colour tints, pink or yellow, whites far less yellow than the previous air.


    Overall the screen seems much more susceptible to reflections making the areas of white screen appear pink than my ipad3 but I think this may be a characteristic of the air screen.


    Not sure I have the energy to go through countless replacements with the risk of that this one was the best I can get & I should have stuck with it.


    Would you recommend hanging on to this one?

  • vvnkdot Level 1 (0 points)

    take it to the apple store and book an appointment.

  • j182 Level 1 (0 points)

    Only you can decide if you can live with it, but be aware that you may never get better and I think it's likely you'll get worse.


    I've been through about 12 Airs and have seen about 40 Airs at Apple Stores since Nov 1st and I've only seen a handful that don't have noticeable yellow tint on the left (home button on bottom). The one I kept has a bookspine but I consider myself fortunate because it is the most uniform Air screen I've personally seen. Very decent. There isn't any sign of improvements in Airs manufactured more recently.


    On the other hand, it probably won't hurt to go to an Apple Store and see if a replacement they offer you is better...

  • Pavlovscat Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks J182, I think you're probably right.


    I'm not noticing a distinct area or yellow (or pink as on the last one I returned) so this one may well be as good as they get. I'll use it for another week before making a decision as I'm well within the 14 day no quibble refund period.


    I also notice that the screen is quite susceptible to different levels of ambient light, with bookspine and coloured reflections far less visible or entirely invisible in low light conditions. Not good but I guess this is just down to how the screen is designed. I'm pretty are that the issues on this air would be very hard to see in the perfect lighting environment of the Apple Store, unlike some of the bookspine issues I have seen.


    Thanks for the advice and sanity check.

  • rahuladityan Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple failed to replace ipad air with yellow tint display. This is my 4th ipad air. First one had two "lines" on the display and its not even 1 month old. Apple replaced with a defective camera in which if a photo is taken, it appears in pink colour and the camera crashes. Again they replaced with yellow tint. I compared my ipad air with the one in the showroom. And I found that my ipad air has yellow tint. Four service engineers surrounded me and they told that they cant find the difference. So I asked the customers to find any difference and all the customers over there agreed that my ipad air has yellow tint. Then I called apple support and mentioned these problems. They asked the service engineer to send a photo by comparing ipad air. The service engineer took pictures and sent to apple support. When I went to the service center again, I told them to show those pictures. The service engineer took those photos with a low quality camere in which no one can find the difference. Then I took my own professional camera and I had took photos and sent to Apple support team. Then they replaced in 3 weeks time. The replaced one also had yellow tint. When I called Apple support team again, they told it doesn't affect the functioning of the iPad and it is good for your eyes if its yellow which I find it as a stupid answer. Then I chatted with Apple support team in USA (I think so) and they told that they will replace it by showing the chat conversations to the service engineers in an apple authorized service center. I went to a different service center and showed the conversations and also called apple support and I gave the phone to the service engineer. The service engineer agreed that it is yellow. But the apple support team told me that there are two manufacturing companies that produce ipad air with white tint and another with yellow tint. When I asked for the same in a written document, they disagreed to give me.

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    I bought my iPad Air 64 GB Cellular in December 2013.  After 6 excchanges because the screen had a yellow tint on the left side than a home button problem.  Now I have an even screen but its yellow. I took it to the Apple store and the employee compared it to the display model it was like night and day.  My screen was yellowish compared to the displayed model. 


    Apple however says it is "within specification". I had an iPad 4 before this with even white screen, and a iPad 2 with decent screen (not retina).  I paid $800 to upgrade not downgrade to a iPad 2 screen.  Had I known this would be such a problem I would have returned the iPad Air and kept my iPad 4.  Apple now refuses to exchange it since the iPad Air yellow screen is "within spec".


    If you are within the return period I would do a return.  As for me at the end of the year when my cellular contract is up, I will be looking to see what other brands have to offer and replace my iPad / iPhone. 

  • rahuladityan Level 1 (0 points)

    They didn't specify anywhere in the website... Let's assume the display comes with yellow tint and white tint, they should give what the consumer wants right. It's like you get coffee when you ordered for milk. I can't believe apple is doing like this. And Jonathan Ive is saying "we are surrounded by anonymous, poorly made objects, it's tempting to think its because the people who use them don't care - just like the people who make them".


    Jonathan Ive

    First compare your own products(iPad Air). There is no uniformity in them. I don't think apple has put years of investment and pain into creating the best products in the world...

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    yea... apple is keen to sorting me out... escalated to customer relations..... I'm only on my second replacement iPad and is not as yellow as my first replacement iPad (which was really yellow) but the whites are less white than my two 20" cinema displays from 2005 ..... which is basically yellow.... I know those are great monitors but how can 8 year old LCD's be "better" than bleeding edge Retina LED ...... I just noticed three iiPhone 5's in my family are yellow.... but hadnt noticed..... and are not up to the spec of my iPhone 4 I had before.... I'm quite sure at this point this is a "gate"....... apple display gate...... maybe phosphorous supply is short (that's what makes the whites in the pannels)...... and selling 15 million ipads a quarter is proving to be an impossible scenario and maybe is true... that the earth has finite resources ..... at this point I'm upset and should have stayed with my iPad 3..... will wait a few months before I have another go at a replacement ipad.... dont want to waste time / resources in a dead goose chase.....

  • j182 Level 1 (0 points)

    For those who have a uniformly yellow screen, you may want to do a web search for "[Tutorial] iPad Yellow Problem FIX SOLUTION" and try out that solution to the problem. Several people have tried it with success.

  • j182 Level 1 (0 points)

    We all feel the frustration, but while these Airs and Mini Retinas may have more of an issue than normal, keep in mind that uniformity issues in LCD displays is typical. My own guess is that lightguide technology/manufacturing isn't mature enough to uniformly illuminate a large single-edge-lit display like the Airs, which is why they're having more of an issue. Additionally, if you search on the internet you'll find other people complaining about the exact same issues with other devices.


    Check out this link:


  • TnScottsdale Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the advice.   Yes I have tried those "fix it" solution without success.   I have also done reinstall and tried using the iPad Air on it's own with out iCloud backup.   It's still yellowish not white.

  • j182 Level 1 (0 points)

    You've tried wrapping it in a towel for 48 hours on full brightness? Here's the link I was referring to:


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    Me too having the same issue.. yellow tint on left side.. which is very irritating and annoying while reading books..surfing and on applications with with white background

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    Someone knows if the new production of ipads air have better screen compared to the first production? I'd like know this information because I bought one some days ago, week 50, and mine has yellow uniform screen. I'm not sure if it's better try to change the device and hope for an improvement, or stay with this. Thanks and sorry for my English.

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    Whether or not you can live with your Air screen is what should determine whether you keep it. With that said, I received two Airs manufactured in 2014 and they were no different. You can see my photo comparing a week 4 2014 to a week 49 2013 (the one I kept) on page 66 of this forum.


    If your screen is uniformly yellow, you may want to try out that 'solution' presented in the link two posts above (macrumors). Several people have claimed it reduced or eliminated the yellow. The original poster provided screenshots showing it worked for him.