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The new Pages 5 file package format contains binary .iwa files that, as far as I can tell, are unreadable by other applications. This makes it very difficult or even impossible to recover file content if you are on a computer without Pages 5 or if Apple one day abandons the program. This is a big shift from the previous XML based file structure, which at least could be read by text editors, and which in theory could be recovered.


To me, already before Pages 5, the main reason not to use Pages was the proprietary file format. I do not have a single Pages file on my hard disk without a backup in more widely used formats, like doc, docx, rtf, txt, PDF or whatever makes most sense for the file.


Pages 5 in general has been a step forward to me with some useful new functions, even though some other people disagree.


However, the new file format makes it doubly important not to use Pages to create files for long term storage. To anyone interested in my opinion:


Never, ever, repeat, absolutely never, create a Pages file without a backup in another file format.