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Hi there,


Since the upgrade to Mavericks my 2013 Macbook Air had a few sleep wake crashes. The problem occurs when my air turns to sleep, and I try to wake it with the keyboard within a very short time.(1-3 seconds I think) Happened a few times when I was typing and accidently pressed the on/off button while typing(which is a really stupid feature in the new OSX if you ask me) and a few times when I tried to safe my laptop from going to sleep because it was idle for to long, and just got there to late. What happens is that the Macbook just gives a black screen, but is still on. I cant let it sleep by closing the lid, and the only way to get it running again is by restarting.(holding down the on/off button)


Couldnt find anything similar to this. So i'm hoping if this is a common problem with Mavericks and is on the list to be fixed with the new patch.


I hope you guys have some info.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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