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Please help!


I have been using itunes for many years to take 5 hour mp3 files of the Howard Stern Show, that I have recorded, and label them as "podcasts". I then take these files and transfer them to my iphone 5 (7.0.3) using itunes. I normally sync 10 or 20 shows at a time and use the Apple podcast app to play them. The main reason I have labeled the files as podcasts is so that I can use the 15 second forward and back buttons in the podcast app.


Yesterday I transfered about 18 Stern Show "podcasts" into my phone using itunes on my Windows 7 PC. After the sync I opened the pocast app I saw only one show there?? So I then did another sync, then another, trying at times to add less or more podcasts and still I had only the one showing up.


I went back into itunes and made sure that the properties for the podcast that was showing up were the same as the ones that did not. That was all correct.

I then used the spotlight search feature on the iphone to look for the other podcasts, and I was able to find them all?? It looks like they did transfer into the phone, but the pocast app does not show them.


Any ideas??



iPhone 4, Windows XP
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