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Model MC572LL/A which is a second generation according to everything I can find, AND also is among the requirements for the new iOS software release, refuses to work anymore after the update to the newest version of iOS.  What happened to all things Apple, simply working together?  Used to be, all I had to do was just plug the devices in, upgrade them to the most recent version of software and get the settings all setup, and low in behold they just worked.  Can someone please tell me what else I can do besided what I have done already to get my A TV to communicate with my iMac so I can watch videos on my tv screen through Home Share?


Apple Tv has successfully been updated

Apple Tv settings has been set for "Home Share"

iMac 27-inch, Mid 20011 has successfully been updated

iTunes has been successfully updated to newest version

iTunes settings has been setup for "Home Share"


Besides the above, I have taken the steps of multiple sign outs/sign ins


This has been going on since the upgrade to the newest version of iOS and I can't think of anything else to do but come here for help.  None of the help documents seem to help, because they seem to indicate ONLY the same types of steps that I have already taken.  I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion, Sony VPCL116FX Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz 6G Ram 64b Win7
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    The following article(s) may help you.


    Understanding Home Sharing

    Setting Up Home Sharing On A Computer

    Troubleshooting Home Sharing

    Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections

    Recommended Wi-Fi settings

    Wifi Diagnostic Software (for Mac users)


    They contain troubleshooting steps you have not mentioned in your post.

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    Thanks for the reply. I looked over those links and as I said in my original, none of the help files have worked, although I DID go through them all and during the implementing of them I noticed something that is a little odd to me and maybe you could tell me why this particular thing works, but not the Home Share?  I had remembered about the mirroring capabilities of the iOS and just decided to test that out as well, and for some odd reason that works but the Home Sharing does not?  Doesn't it's ability to connect for Mirroring indicate that the Apple TV and the iMac knows that each of them are there and has a wireless connection?  None of those links pointed me to anything that I hadn't already done. Very sorry but, I don't have the memory of all the help files locations that I have gone through/applied since I began this troubleshooting, so I couldn't list everything.  Are there any other helpful comments/suggestions that you would be willing to share?  I'll gladly accept them/appply them.



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    AirPlay and Homesharing use different protocols, they use different ports and can be affected by different settings, which is why one may work but the other won't. Do you have any other devices to see if the Mac can be seen from them using home sharing.

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    Yes, I have iTunes setup on my windows 8.1 system as well and I can see my iMac's Library with no problem.  Just in case you're wondering, I do not use both libraries at the same time and when I'm trying to connect to the Apple TV the itunes program is always UNLOADED (not running) on the windows machine and I'm using the iMac iTunes combo.  I'm always thinking that that could get a little flakey if I had them loaded up on both machines at the same time, so I don't do it.  So I'm seeing shared libraries between the 2 computers with no problems.  It's just that darn Apple TV/iMac combo that's giving me trouble. 


    Do you think I should try the windows/Apple tv combo and see it it works?  I've never tried it before, always the iMac.

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    Yes it would possibly be useful to know if the Apple TV can see the library on your PC.


    The Apple TV should have no problems seeing more than one library at a time.

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    Well, I tried it while I was away for a bit and it CAN see the windows 8.1 computer, but I cannot see any of the videos, only music.  Thant's a bit strange don't you think?  I've got at least two of my movies on the windows system in itunes and I cannot see them at all.


    Oh and I went back to see if it would see both of them and it still doesn't see the iMac computer.


    Usually the other way around....cannot get anything done via windows computer but has always been very easy on the iMac, at least prior to updating iOS software that is.

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    In regard to the movies you can't see, could they be under home video.


    Do you have your firewall on on your mac, do you have any security software or file sharing software installed on the Mac, did you run the Wi Fi Diagnostic software that I linked to.

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    The wifi is operating ok, in that I can d/l stuff from Apple like another movie...etc., it just don't want to work with Home Share.  Could it still be a wifi problem (I chose not to run that Diagnostic based on the fact that I had connection to Apple..etc)


    Yes I have McAfee installed on my iMac, but I have it set to allow all connections, so that should be hurting anything.  No other type of security software accept the onboard security of the Mac itself (within the mac settings).  I forgot about the movies you asked for, I'll check that and get back to ya.

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    Ok, I went back to check on the videos on the pc and it must have been a glitch that showed me the movies and they actually wasn't there, because after going back to check it they were gone.  Ultimately I would like to be able to communicate between the imac and Apple TV, for the moment I would settle for the easiest way to get the video(s) from my imac to my pc   I've been dying to watch the purchased ones that I have already on the big screen in the living room.  Thank you for all your help, I'm still open to any suggestions that you may have for me in regards to the problem between the imac and the apple tv.



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    When both computers are running iTunes, do they see each other using home sharing or not.


    Unfortunately the easy way to transfer content to the PC would be by homesharing.

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    Yes, they do.  The only thing I had trouble with was the video showing up and then dissapeared.  But I just figured out why that happened.  It was showing me that those 2 videos were in the cloud (purchased ones) and this was prior to new terms I had to accept and after accepting them I somehow got logged out of itunes.  I logged back in to take care of it.  Now theyre showing up in cloud again on my pc.  But yes, I'm able to see both itunes libraries from both the imac and pc.


    In the process of d/l'ing those 2 movies from the cloud as I type this out. 

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    Mmmm, now that I wasn't expecting. So you can see your iMac library from the PC but not the Apple TV.

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    I was away for a little while getting something to eat....sorry for the delat in getting back to you.  I cannot seem to get the videos d/l'd successfully onto my pc.   So at the present time, I cannot see any videos listed except as being in the cloud.  Tried d/l'ing one earlier but I can't find it nor do I have it listed in the pc library .. again except via cloud.  ????

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    What happens when you try to download a movie.


    You can also download movies to the Apple TV through the movies section.


    Are you able to confirm that your PC can home share from the Mac but the Apple TV can't.


    Do you see anything at all under the computers section on the Apple TV.

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