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  • Chuck727 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Come on apple.  Bring back bookshelf and make books easier to read covers.

  • Darren Borneo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I'm also very disappointed with the change!

    I wish I could uninstall this particular update.

    I don't want to sync because I've added so many other PDFs that are not from the istore, and I would lose all of them..

    So for me I can only wait and hope that someone at Apple is actually reading this stuff, and goes and says to their Boss, "Hey, you know what? I think we might have made a mistake with the ibooks app.."

    Can we incorporate what they are missing, like the old timber book shelf and book feel into our next update?"


    Let's hope hey :(

  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10 (115,100 points)

    These are user-to-user forums, you need to use the feedback pages for Apple :


    You can copy your ibooks and PDFs / epubs from the iBooks app on your device to the Books part of your computer's iTunes library via File > Devices > Transfer Purchases - even though they aren't iTunes purchases, if they are in the iBooks app, that should copy them. If you still have a previous copy of the iBooks app you can delete the current version from your device and sync the old version back from your computer.

  • Molokaisky Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I too hate ('dislike' is too mild) the ugly new iBooks. I have seen folks say you can replace it with the beautiful old wooden bookshelf if you kept a copy of the older iBooks. I didn't. It never occurred to me that Apple, who in the past has been so ergonomic and user-friendly, would force this ugly thing on us. I think the new ugly iBooks deleted the old pretty iBooks on install.


    Can anyone load a copy of the old iBooks somewhere on the Net so that folks like me can download it now to get the bookshelf back?


    Are there any rumors that Apple will acknowledge this mistake, and return the old Bookshelf, at least as an option?


    (ps. I've used Pages for years as my word processor in my business, and the new Pages is a terrible piece of software. Clearly no one at Apple asked the users what changes THEY'D like to see in Pages. Apple seems really to have lost it's way.)

  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10 (115,100 points)

    All downloads from the store are tied to the account that downloaded it - so you would need to still have the copy that you had downloaded for it to work with your account.


    Whether or not there are rumours this isn't the place to discuss them, they aren't allowed on these forums.

  • Molokaisky Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    IBooks will let me download a previously purchased book again. Will Apple or iTunes or the App Store let me download a previously downloaded version of iBooks?


    Did the upgrade to iBooks contain any notice or warning or heads up that by 'upgrading' I would be losing the old Bookshelf interface?


    Technically, how difficult would it be for Apple to issue an upgrade to iBooks in which the old Bookshelf interface is an option?



  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10 (115,100 points)

    If the book is still in your country's store then you should be able to redownload it via the Purchased tab in the ibookstore in the iBooks app - if it doesn't show there, and it's still in your country (and you haven't changed countries since buying it), then check to see if it's hidden :


    For the iBooks app itself, you can only download the latest compatible version for your device - so if your device is on iOS 7 then you can only download the current version of the app. In terms of a warning, 'what's new' for the current version in the store says that it has a new design and there are screenshots of it.


    I don't know how difficult it would be to offer both the new and old designs, I'm not an iOS developer, but I assume that it would be relatively straightforward

  • Mark Hollingsworth Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    As mentioned, the books themselves if purchased from the iTunes Store can be re-downloaded.


    Do you have a backup of your 'main' computer that you sync your iPad with?

    If so, the older version if iBooks should be there and could be copied over.

    delete ibooks from the iPar, then re sync.



    Do You need step by step?



    I'm sure it would be no big deal to have the old setup avalaible- after all, the 'flat' view was avaliable on the old version.

    Make sure to enter the feedback- I do t know that it will make any difference, but unless a LOT of people do it I doubt they will change.




  • Mark Hollingsworth Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I'll repost a step by step to get back to the older version of iBooks.


    1. If you have updated and synced already- look in your backups for the iBooks file


    iBooks 3.1.3.ipa


    2. Copy that file into the Mobile Applications folder


    User\Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications\

            (I just did a search from the root of the startup drive and it found the files).


    3. Delete the newer version if iBooks on your iPad (hold down until it jiggles, then press the x).


    Resync iPad.


    This brought back the old verison for me- nothing was lost.


    If you have NOT synced already after updating on the iPad, then just delete the app on the iPad and resync.


    From what a previous poster said only the App file the user downloaded originally will work- so I couldn't send you mine or something.


    I backup my whole 'Mobile Applications' folder now- so that if I goof up it is an easy thing to replace. I already updated on my iPad by accident (after originally getting it back) and since I had it all backed up no big deal.


    Maybe they will do something like they did  with iMovie and make the older version avaliable? (but I doubt it).


    Please let me know if thoses instrutions are not clear.



  • Boden1974 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hate it! Can't go back, no other devices. I am so disappointed with how the bookcase and whole iPad looks now. Like a child's toy. It's an outrage.

  • Karhmen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @Milk Hollingsworth....I c u wrote this quite a while ago, but I have only just found it and wanted to thank u 4 the clear how-to.


    I also used the guide to revert to the old calendar, the notes and an older version of a card game. Thank u again.

  • Iphonelover7 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Since urs is only post that seems to know anything. I was wondering if u cld help me;-) I recently bought the new 5c n I hate the calendar. I don't use e books so I don't care what happens to that. But I want the old version of the calendar. I actually looked like an idiot this morn at my daughters neurologist appt. because I insisted the apt was at 11am but it was at 1040 n I jus Cldnt tell cus the moronic time block layout of the new calendar. So do u knw how I can get old calendar on the new 5c??? Thx a bunch;)

  • Mark Hollingsworth Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I don't have a smartphone, but I think you could do exactly the same as for iBooks.


    Let me take a look and see if I can find the iCal app on the computer.




  • MikePH172 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    What I would like to know is what numb nut they ask before sending out these updates. Do apple really think that everyone who has an ipad and iPhone think the same and therefore by majority must accept these rubbish updates that consume more battery than ever before. Come on apple, some 11000 people have viewed these comments it's up to

    you to listen and put back the old iBook bookshelf with the old look of the book too. Yes we can go back to the old version but then the new  OS is stored on the ipad consuming memory, also new apps will always work better on the latest OS.Except for iBooks that is.

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