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I upgraded my 4s to a 5s in Oct after hearing about software bugs in putting Os7 on an older iphone.  From day one, my voicemails kept reappearing after being deleted.  I have to deleted them on average 6 times, from the visual voicemail box AND the deleted voicemail screens (so 12 times per voicemail) in order to get them to fully detete.  This is a problem because I get a ton of voicemails per day and my box was filling up quickly.  I don't have time to deal with this over and over and over, I am at my wit's end.


Here is what I have tried over the course of 2 months and over 35 hours on the phone and live with ATT and APPLE both (apolgize if it's not the proper terms, I'm not a techy person): Also, I've tried it all of these fixes multiple times to ensure I"m doing it properly.


All of the fixes noted in another thread here including:

1. power off while in airplane mode, delete messages, power pack on, turn airplane off. 

2. deleted them by calling in directly by pressing and holding 1to access voicemail system.

3. delete them one at a time from voicemail inbox, then from deleted voicemails (and doing this by various ways to delete, either the delete button while it's expanded OR the swipe delete option, also using clear all, and using the swipe clear way of doing things)


I have also tried:

4. Reboot network settings from within iphone several times

5. restoring to factory settings several times

6. restoring from backup several times

7. putting my simm card in a completely new iphone in the store with ATT rep (they said it worked, so phone was issue and sent me to APPLE, but only tried it for a few minutes and it typically takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to half hour to half day for them to reappear.)

8. complete new phone with my simm card (by APPLE, still had problem, so gave new phone back)


Att blames apple, apple blames att.  I don't care who's fault it is, it's both their problems.  I tried to take iphone 5s back in order to go back to my 4s and ATT won't take it back because I'm long past the 14 days "Buyers remorse" return period. Even though I advised them of this issue and it's imortance to me well within that time frame, and I have been patient for 2 months waiting for a fix.  I'm done being patient, I need a solution now. 


Att refuses to take phone back, or allow me out of contract without fee.  Apple will take phone back, but then I'm still faced with $350 termination fee from ATT (who won't waive it even with this long history of issues and my 10 years of giving themmy money).   So no matter what I do I'm out a significant amount of money and I still don't have visual voicemail.  Plus even if I do that, I've heard Verizon users have same visual voicemail issues. 


So what is the solution? I need visual voicemail and my gmail on my phone preferably not web based but through the phone.


If I've missed any fixes or solutions, please let me know what to try.  I can't deal with this any longer I'm at my witt's end and no excalated level of APPLE or ATT can solve this.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4
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    the ONLY ppl that could help u with this issue is ATT. there is something wrong with their system for ur carrier plan. if u restored ur iphone AND u tried using another iphone (on top of all of the other troubleshooting steps u took) then apple has already done everything they can on their end to fix it. if issue persists through those steps then the only possibility is that ATT isnt getting there stuff straight.


    i would have them completely reboot the plan. cancel it and reinitiate it if possible without getting charged to just do that.

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    What do I tell ATT to get them to deal with me?  They keep sending me back to APPLE saying it's a software issue, which no doubt it is, in connection with the ATT network, but who gets that fixed then?  In the meantime, what do I do to have voicemail?  ATT told me I was welcome to buy a new phone, but I know now that won't fix it.

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    i had a similar issue with att and apple mixing up blame. the last apple advisor i talked to was able to resolve it by consulting att while i was on the line. they worked out what was going on and who was fixing what before i was even taken off of hold to be transferred to the att agent. if u can do something similar that would probably help.

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    I've tried that 3 different times, with different APPLE and ATT support, escallated all the way to Apple engineer's, they still don't have a fix.

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    I've been having the exact same problems for MONTHS.  In fact, I was even having this problem with my iPhone 4S which tells me it's AT&T related.  I assumed this would get worked out moving to the 5S but that hasn't happened.  And making matters worse, sometimes I can't even use the "Clear All" button within the Deleted messages screen.


    I'm going to take another run at AT&T with this one and see what happens.

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    apple engineers cant help with this. only ATT can. tell them not to transfer u and dont let them off the phone until ur issue is fixed.

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    I had same problem with clear all button. If I tapped a voicemail, then it would appear for me.


    Update: I just went back to my 4s: and no voicemail issues at all, it works fine... I convinced ATT to take the phone back, though I won't get money back, just a credit to my account.  This enables me to use up that credit then change to verizon and get a new 5s without being out the previous money or stuck in a 2 year contract. I guess it's the best solution I could hope for, since I'm not out money anymore, just time.

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    I've spent too much time already, they don't have a fix and blame apple. I spent 6 hours on the phone with them one day...

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    Good luck on Verizon.  Even with my troubled Visual Voice mail, I would still stick with AT&T vs. Verizon.  Their iPhone doesn't permit voice and data at the same time, something you take for granted until you can't have it.  I bought my first iPhone 5S from them and had to switch back to AT&T with my tail between my legs.  Imagine being on a conference call and using Maps.  Maps needs to recalulate and you have to hang up your call.  Also can't send e-mail while on a call, etc., etc.  I hated it.

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    Thank you VERY much.  I would have ended doing the same thing... Is this something that recently happened?  Is it possible that verizon now allows those functions to work at the same time?  That  is hugely important. 

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    This just happened to ME at the 5S launch (I was on AT&T prior to that day), but this fact is true on all Verizon iPhones.  I've received a few different answers from store reps trying to be helpful, but I'm not convinced any of them really know why.  One guy tried to tell me that they asked Apple to focus more on voice quality so they used both antennas for voice rather than one for data and one for voice.  Of course that was a BS answer because every Android device they have allows this to work on their network.


    I believe it has someting to do with AT&T's exclusivity with Apple and they may have held back this "feature" somehow.  Bottom line, once I confirmed it couldn't be "switched ON" in some way, I gave them the phone back on the 15th day (last day for buyers remorse) and went back to the AT&T store hoping to preserve my phone number. (Yes, I did)

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    jlaketx:  the reason you can't web surf at the same time as calls is because of the cell network technology.  Verizon uses CMDA which can't handle voice and data simultaneously.  AT&T uses a GSM network which can.  That's been from day one.   LTE can handle it, so as Verizon moves to LTE that should become a non-issue, but presently it's still a BIG issue.


    That said, I have the same visual voicemail problem, and my gut says it's an AT&T server issue.  I can't prove it, and this is just conjecture on my part, but...  I notice that after deleting voicemails, they will come back some time later.  It "feels like" it's not a software glitch thing within the phone, but rather a push-technology sort of thing where the server pushes the voicemail message back to the phone again.  I'm finding that if I'm patient and let the phone sit a bit, then go into DELETED and wait a minute the "Clear All" that was greyed out will pop up active and I can click it.  Be patient and let the phone sit and they will all clear sometimes, or "mostly" clear other times.  Just now it happened again (which made me come searching for latest info again) - I deleted 8 and 2 came back.  Well, at least 6 are gone *rolling eyes*.     But I noticed (emperically) that if I "clear all" and then immediately go about my business and jump out of the app and go do something else, they are far more likely to come back.  So that starts leading me to think there's some kind of dialog/handshake between the phone and the server that's not fully completing to the satisfaction of the server, and the server isn't fully clearing them out, and then turns round and re-pushes them back down to the phone again.   Just a guess... 

  • zelous Level 3 (685 points)

    that was a very good answer...

  • grmatney Level 1 (0 points)

    This completely makes sense to me.


    I sincerly appreciate the info on how the networks work, I would have not known until after the switch that I couldn't open an email while on the phone (I do that all the time)


    So for now, I'm just back to my 4s until they get it all figured out... consequently, my voice to text feature is now missing, though I used that less than voicemail.

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