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I'm making this report because I have seen other people report similar issues and get replies saying this is a sporadic issue.  I'm finding that difficult to believe.  I have friends having the same issues.


Ever since we updated our iPad 2, my 5s which I just purchased, my wife's 4s, and my kids' ipods to iOS7 we have had terrible (mostly absent) wifi connectivty.  Our laptops that run Microsoft have had zero issues.  Our smart TV has had no issues. This is obviously not a router problem. This isn't a hardware issue.This is an Apple software problem.


I'm not going to buy a new router, and I shouldn't need to be a tech genius to "troubleshoot" my wireless router for an Apple-induced issue.  Our Apple products were working fine with regard to wifi connectivity prior to iOS7.


I'm wondering what Apple is doing to fix this problem.  We obviously spent over a thousand dollars on these products, and this in not acceptable. If this isn't fixed soon, our next phone upgrades will be with Androids.

iPad 2, iOS 7.0.4