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I would like to use this notebook for monitoring the back of my place as the neighbour is getting manic again and destroying my property and things might get worse. Anyway i have ran several apps in windows and linux but dont know anything about doing it on a mac. I know the webcam i have works on this old g4 as i tried it with skype

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    The most common apps you can consider for Mac are probably EvoCam 4 and SecuritySpy.  Both can do what you want.  Choose the one that best meets your requirements.  I could not tell what camera(s), Mac, and OS you want to use, so be sure you consider the minimum system requirements of any apps you consider to be sure they can work with your system.


    There are other alternatives such as a Synology stand-alone system addition to your network.  This stand-alone approach offloads video surveillance and recording from your computer and offers viewing and control from your computer via your internet browser.

  • Rap Attack Level 1 (0 points)

    Ah i should have asked that i need to use free apps. sorry i am on a pension and thats all i can afford . synology's website wouldnt load for some reason. Is it about network(ethernet) cameras? or using webcams?


    What about this freebie  ? we;; free if u only have one cam.

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    Rap Attack wrote: ... i have ran several apps in windows and linux but dont know anything about doing it on a mac....


    Consider using the windows or linux apps you already know.


    Rap Attack wrote:...i need to use free apps...i am on a pension and thats all i can afford...



    Rap Attack wrote:... synology's website wouldnt load for some reason....


    It works fine for me, but may take a few seconds to load. 


    If you're still having trouble, cut and paste this link:





    Rap Attack wrote: ... What about this freebie...

    Frequently Asked Questions about Xeoma.  



    If you need more information about this app, Contact FelenaSoft.

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    No i have my reasons for doing it with this laptop. Accessability etc.

    Yes i googled first. Always the best thing to do before posting on forums

    Oh yes i am on my desktop now so that website is loading. Yes looks like something that is expensive.

    Ok yes no i was aasking about that app to c if anyone has used it. If FelenaSoft is the developer ofcourse they are going to say it is good or working etc. Anyway the link won't work until i post something so will take a look in a sec )

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    We await your status update.

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    A matter of being able to save the files to a media, due to the size of them, that may be a problem. And reliability of the hardware, older computer, and if it goes to sleep, etc when it shouldn't are considerations.


    Some warehouse stores sell a kit with 2/4 weather resistant cameras that could work with a DVR and television, and also record to a DVD-R or even a VHS tape. Being able to control when the device is recording, compared to whenever the problems occur, could be a trying time.


    You could set up a few dummy cameras after you are set to record the idiots on parade out your window with a iSight or other camera, or a hand-held digital camera with video clip mode, then catch him/her playing pinota camera whacking, too.


    A camera covering the camera's location is usually a thing that captures their attention least. Especially if that one does not look like a camera and its presence goes undetected. Do you have a home security system with live monitoring, for those hours you are gone, should things escalate?


    Good luck & happy computing!

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    Thanks jim i checked it out but money is not something i have much of so off the cards

  • Rap Attack Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks yeah no money in the kitty due to being on a pension. I do have ip cams as well and they can work with my windows xp mxhine but that is monitoring the front of my place. the cables just wud b a night mre to set up out the back because of length. a notebook close to the back of my place wud b the easiest thing. i do have a spare ip cam but not sure if any mac app goes with it.

  • K Shaffer Level 6 (11,890 points)

    There may be some second-hand goods that could perform some of this duty,

    at significant reduction in cost; but like most thrift store finds, they are a matter

    of luck and great timing, to be there to get it first...!


    {Probably doesn't help much to say I have an original iSight, not in use, but

    haven't tested it either; think I paid $5. And it looks nice...}


    And I know well about budgeting without a budget fund.

    Good luck & happy computing!

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    Thanks i have plenty of cam's. I am in Australia and u hardly ever see anything decent in our second hand(thrift) shops here. No use spending more money on things that may not work as well. A lot of our shops have things that are legacy devices usually older than what i have. I am fortunate in that i go to council cleanups and get more up to date tech for free )

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    Rap Attack wrote: ... money ...


    With your limitations, if ImageCaster won't do what you need, you may be out of luck.

  • K Shaffer Level 6 (11,890 points)

    As suggested, perhaps this software 'image caster' may work... see:


    Appears to run free and works with OS X 10.3 & later, to Snow Leopard 10.6.

    Perhaps this may be an answer, at least for software; the price seems OK.


    {a friend in NSW AU says they sometimes see stuff in second hand, but they

    have to be there first, on the spot, or Poof. Like an item dragged from the OS X

    Dock, it's gone in a flash. Maybe not even shadows of the former items remain}


    Hopefully you can gather evidence for the law enforcement - with your Mac

    and cameras - aimed at selective areas around your location. What do they

    say to the matter at hand and do you get a fair discussion in this matter?


    Good luck & happy computing!

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    Thanks Jim giving it a tree now. Looks like some other freeware i have used in the past that is long gone now )

  • Rap Attack Level 1 (0 points)

    Ha ha yes it is like that K Shaffer. I dont bother anymore though unless there is no freeganism going on. I do the freegan thing only with non-food items though. The different areas around sydney that the rich people live in are a great resource when they throw out white goods etc. They are not supposed to throw out ewaste but they do. scored super amounts of stuff and i sell heaps of it on ebay. Mostly intel things and some old mac stuff (dinosaur era) but starting to get some near modern mac stuff. Modern for me anyway. I am a linux person normally and do video/audio production with it but trained on mac's. Cant afford them but nice to score now two operational mac's in the last week. One oldie can monitor the back now and the other i will buy a battery for and it will be my outdoor friend he he.

    I initially got the first lot of cam's (IP) from the freecycle network(for free-community) about 4 years ago as a socialpath was living upstairs and trying to kill several neighbours, He ended up getting evicted before i could get some evidence on him. They always trip themselves up no matter how clever they think they are. The cam's have not needed to be on since 2 years ago but sometimes when the local junkies start stealing stuff i warm the cam's up again. Always had one attached to the back porch as well but it is not attached officially to anything. Got an ethernet cable long enough but not for the power cord. Ah well. Was always thinking if i scored another laptop and one of the locals wasnt screaming for one i would use it. I am the local amateur techie and aways fixing windows bullcrap he he.

    I have heard the police can't use the webcam captures as evidence but it is good for Housing NSW(community government Housing) when u want to backup what you are saying about something. They paid better attention before when i had some footage of that past bad neighbour having a weird confronation with another neighbour. He lied about something and this caught him out and got them to pay attention to my claims.

    I am also in the last throws of a case against Housing NSW as well as i tripped and broke my knee 1.5 years ago and they are partialy to blame for it because of lack of maintenance/repairs to the estate. Phew its a long story anyway.....

    so thanks will experiment with this app and see what happens

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