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joshbyte Level 1 Level 1
I noticed just the other day that my casa has started to split. Very strange considering i haven't ddroped it or anything. Other people have even dropped theres before but i have never heard anyone who has had a crack in theire cover. I am going to try and explain now where the crack is.

Just under the left wrist rest where that ends on the side then you have about 1 or 2 cms of plastic. There is a line straight down. the crack is not open but it is a crack. I have also noticed that all along that border where like the top surface meets the plastic is all uneven the line goes in and out.

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  • arnold shewarzenager Level 2 Level 2
    and was there something you wanted to ask?

    thanks for the heads up, i guess
  • Andrew Bristow Level 2 Level 2
    Maybe the case had a hairline crack in it all along but its just got worse with the normal moving and carrying about. Could be that the plastic was slightly damamged when the macbook was assembled, someone not being as careful as they should have been.

    Of course, someone may have just knocked it onto the floor, put it back and not told you about it!
  • joshbyte Level 1 Level 1
    Hi ....go to the following site and it will have the pictures of the macbook
  • RADe8 Level 4 Level 4
    I don't know if knocking it on the floor would cause a crack to start from the point that it does. Could be that someone picked it up by that corner and that might cause a crack to begin where it does from the top down. The way that the plastic above it seems to be bowed right there suggests that that corner was flexed downward, which would be consistent with someone picking it up by the corner. Sound reasonable?

    Or you could be right. It may have just had a hairline crack the whole time.

    Either way, it may be difficult to get them to replace that under warranty. No doubt they'll replace the parts affected by the spotting.
  • joshbyte Level 1 Level 1
    i dont really know what you mean, i picked the macbook up like anyone picks up a laptop, with both hands on the side. I did not drop it and i live with another housemate and i am the only one who uses it. Everyone seems to have theire own opinions though. Some say you will proberley get it replaced/refund others say the opposite and some just say get over it (on other forums). I am a first time mac user. I bought this macbook less than three months ago from the online store, haven't not even seen or used a apple before in my life. Which to some seems stupid. Anyway of that subject. All i can say is that i love using apples now but if i don't get this replaced or refunded i will never go back to a mac again. I will be furious. I don't care but thats how i feel.
  • RADe8 Level 4 Level 4
    That's certainly your choice. I wish you luck.
  • remedya Level 1 Level 1
    This is a difficult one as I appreciate your disappointment. The position of the crack would suggest it may have received a knock in the corner. Your best bet is to approach Apple about this issue and also the staining problem. Its likely you'll have to pay for the replacement of the bottom case as a weakness of the case is not a known problem.

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    josh, some people have had problems with the battery bulging (mostly with MacBook Pro, I believe). Seeing where the crack is and looking at picture #3 on your site, it seems like it could be the case with yours - like the bulging battery cracked the case...?
  • andrewrchambers Level 2 Level 2
    My case has developed a crack on the hinge at the back of the macbook. My lid used to be slightly wonky which was really annoying, but the other day I notcied that the lid was now straight - which was great. Then i realised there was a crak in the plastic near the hinge, which suggests to me that the pressure from the wonky lid has caused the plastic to snap.

    I'm taking my macbook to an Apple store on Wednesday to get them to have a look at it and hopefully to swap the case. I also have discoloured plastic on the trackpad button, so they will likely replace this anyway.

    Also i have mooing and whining problems but believe this will be fixed in a firmware update one day.

    Anyway I'm gonna go them and show all these problems I have with my macbook(moo, whine, right hand hinge bulging form the casing, now a crack on the hinge, discolouration, and a wierd squeeky noise that comes from the mac. this isn't the whine its a different noise altogether), and hoepfully they'll either send it for a free service, or replace it on the spot (i'm doubtful of the latter).

    Anyway if they dont replace it on the spot the service is oging to be practically replacing every component in the laptop. i guess i'll wait and see what happens.
  • newmacbook Level 1 Level 1
    Did you get this resolved ?

    I have a crack and it sounds like it is in exactly the same place

    See my own photos at

    Someone else posted pics on this forum : lse/#post3170382

    I am waiting to see what Apple say ..

    Its on the bottom left hand side of my macbook, there is what looks like a very small crack that has appeared over the weekend (14/15 October 2006). It has NOT suffered any drops or impacts - and from the way the plastic looks it
    seems to be bulging outwards. I look after my macbook very well.

    At first I thought it looked like a scrape - but looking at it closer, there is a slight bulging / unevenness of the plastic

    I have checked the battery for swelling and it seems fine. The only other comment is that if you look / feel down the plastic on the front there are a couple of minor bumps going outwards.

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  • eldt Level 1 Level 1
    My case has cracked as well. I'm the one that started the forum thread which was just linked above: lse/

    Someone else has posted pics of their macbook with the almost exact same looking crack as the one in my macbook. So we have 3 sets of similar crack pics in that forum post so far.

    This issue is real. And there's no way I or anyone else has even come near to mistreating/dropping my macbook.

    I'm calling apple tomorrow morning, I've decided. I'll let you know how it goes. I'll point out that I'm not the only one with this issue.
  • joel_v Level 1 Level 1
    yes. i have that crack too. and posted on this forum: lse/ too.

    its definately not an abuse issue, and as far as i noe, it is only week 23 macbooks that have this problem.

    heres just one of the pics.. go to the forum stated above for more.
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  • eldt Level 1 Level 1
    I called AppleCare, even though I don't have AppleCare protection plan and am out of my 90 period for free support.

    The guy on the phone was pretty nice, I explained the crack and that I've been very careful with my macbook. I told him that I posted online and other people are having the same exact issue. I also alluded to that I think it may be the battery bulging, although it's hard to say because there's not much of a physical bulge, but the uneveness can be felt.

    A box will be here tomorrow (no cost). Hopefully it's fixed and they don't just send it back saying it's my fault because it definitely is not.
  • Torv Level 1 Level 1
    Exactly the same thing as you describe; cracks at the hinge and a discolored trackpad-button. Keep us updated!
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