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I have an early 2011 (Feb) Macbook Pro with OS X 10.6.8 and I don't believe I spilled anything on it, and it's not under warranty. I took it to Apple and they ran a diagnostics which turned up fine and they took it apart and everything was fine; they couldn't see anything physically wrong with it. DFGHJKL sometimes work; I have to press down for about 10 seconds and 1 or 2 letters will pop out. Sometimes the letters work perfectly fine (like right now).


I've noticed that quite a few people have been having this problem and was wondering if there was a reason for this that doesn't have to do with spillage or something? There can't be this many people with the same problem letters.. right?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    This is a pretty thorough document that discusses most of the problems with a keyboard.   Do tell us which part of it solved your problem.


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    Did seventy one's response work for you?  I just started getting this same problem yesterday.  I went through the entire support link provided, except for checking the hardware at the end (I don't know where my instal disk is at the moment).

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    Unfortunately nothing worked =( I had my hardware checked out by apple and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I really do believe there will be some sort of recall or update or something that'll happen because far too many people have DFGHJKL not work. It can't be a coincidence!

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    I agree! I was pretty much told I had no problem yesterday at Apple.  They suggested a new keyboard, but it does seem odd to me that lots of people with the same model are having failures just in a few keys in a relatively short period of time.

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    I have this exact same problem with the same keys. Only difference in my case is that my MBP is a late '09 model. I really hope this problem is addressed soon. It's such an inconvenient pain.

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    It's not coincidence because they are directly connected in a straight line.   It is probably due to a fault in the curcuit printing process.   And for those who's keyboards qualify, a straight exchange would be justified.

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    see! THAT sounds plausible. because if it was something we did it (like a spill) then other letters would be damaged, different letters. faulty wiring sounds much more plausible, something Apple probably doesn't know about (or pretends not to know). They might even issue some kind of announcement or something in the future.


    For others: I chatted with Apple over the internet and he did another type of diagnostics. We did the screen share thing and he saw that those letters weren't getting any communication from my finger to the computer sometimes. He wanted me to restart my computer following these instructions: and


    he wanted to see if it was a software issue. after i did that, keyboard still was messed up, which further makes me believe it's an electrical thing. we'll see...

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    It's definitely hardware or a connection.  This was my primary computer for everyting including work.  After my first failure at the apple store, I gave in and paid the $182 to have them replace the keyboard.  It works great now, minus the expense I had to go through. Hopefully it doesn't fail again in another few months.

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    i just might do that. right now it's behaving (i'm so hhhhhhappy, it's such a pain having to use the keyboard viewer) but the next time it screws up i might just replace the keyboard.

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    I have the same Macbook Pro model from early 2011, and right now I'm struggling with the exact same problem. It would be nice if Apple could provide us with a hardware exchange, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see... Just as an attempt to contribute to the thread, I'll just say that PRAM clear did not help, and the keyboard viewer indicated that the Macbook wasn't receiving any sinas rom te eyboar.

    ...I was trying to say "signals from the keyboard". Arrgh

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    hey so i was wondering if anyone else has this problem with their disc drive as well? maybe because it's on the same side my disc drive tends to hold my CDs hostage.


    also, sometimes when i tap the right side of my computer my letters seem to come back! it makes this internal clicking sound and sometimes the letters come back. now i'm not punching it or anything drastic like that, it's a light little knock like when you're thinking and you rap your knuckle on sometin. dammit.

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    Hi there,


    My theory of circuit board printing could fall apart if it applies to the computer too. Or, by computer, could you mean the keyboard part?   If it is the latter, that would confirm the possibility.   Have you a way of testing with another keyboard, or trying yours on another machine?


    I think the CD hostage situation deserves its own separate thread.

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    I just had the same problem on my 17" mac pro bought Dec 2010.

    My keys that failed are HJKL; but keys DFG work correctly (for now).


    For my machine I have had a plastic keyboard protector on for the life of the machine.

    So my keyboard is "Like new".


    It sounds like there must be a bad component installed in the machine for a certian batch of Pro's.


    Are your other machines 17" or 13"?


    Does anyone know if Apple is responding to this defect?


    I will have to get it fixed in any case since it is problematic.

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    If you read this thread through you will pick up my thinking.   Your letters too, albeit less of them, are in a straight line.   But only a technical expert, ready to pick apart your keyboard, will know for sure.

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