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This is a question about a really cool technique mentioned by Tulse in this archived thread:




It suggested creating a separate Keynote project that can ne hyperlinked from the main prez in order to be able to play a slideshow with music inside a Keynote file.


The procedure is this:


- Create a new empty presentation.

- Cut the slides you want from the old presentation and paste them into the new one (you can do this with the slide thumbnails in the Navigator view).

- Save the new presentation.

- On the last slide of the now-truncated old presentation, select an object or text to act as the hyperlink, and using the Hyperlink Inspector set the link destination to the new presentation. (If you want the hyperlink itself to be invisible on that last slide, cover the slide with an object and then make that object transparent in the Graphics Inspector -- this will let you click anywhere on the slide to go to the new presentation.)

- When youy play the presentation and get to that slide it will let you move the mouse onto that text link so you can click it.

- Note that the slideshow prez has to be open at the same time as the main one for this to work.


This works great.  But when the slide show file is done, Keynote returns to the originale presentation but it goes into Edit mode then.


Does anyone (Tulse if you are still around) know how ot make it go back the main prez and have it continue as if we were still playing that main prez?


Thank you.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    This method only works in Keynote verion 5.3 and older versions,  the current version is 6.1 and it does not facilitate linking to other Keynote files.


    In 5.3 when linking to a separate presentation it always links to the start, therefore you need to create 3 presentations for each part of the show; link part 1 to part 2 then link part 2 to part 3.


    An alternative is to place all the images and music files into a single slide and use Builds to play and time the presentation.

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    Great info.  Thanks Gary.


    It's a strange concept to put all the slides under one of them and then use Builds...  How do you see all the slides in the Edit mode since I assume they will all sit on top of each other?  What if you want to re-arrange the order, for example?


    I am reluctant to move to v6.  Your statement above seems to refinforce that decision.  But to do due dilligence, is there a better way to do my original premise in V6.x?



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    A slide is just a container, whether there are 100 slides with 1 photo on each slide,  or 1 slide with 100 photos, they will both play as required, its just another way of programming the presentation.


    The build order list is used to drag and drop to rearrange and time the objects on the slide, in the example below, there are 52 photos, 52 shapes 7 videos and 8 sound files in the presentation.


    Inspector > Animate > Build In > Build Order


    Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 21.02.11.png


    I actually use Keynote 6.1 as my preferred presentation tool, its reliable and easy to use.

    I only use it for new presentations. Older presentations are edited using 5.3.


    As with previous versions, Keynote 6.1 does not allow linking to other Keynote files.

    I therefore use the technique of 1 slide with multiple builds which is more effective.

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    Excellent info.


    Thank you Gary!