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We have a fleet of iPads and iPhones that are having issues with iOS 7.1 and PDF attachments.


If we send the PDF that is having issues to an email on our exchange server then the PDF file will open as a blank white or black screen. If then sent to any other app it will not open (We use PDF Expert)


If we change any of the following it works and open just fine.


  • Use a gmail address and the same mail app.
  • Use the same PDF but opened and saved in a different PDf compatibility setting.
  • Open the same PDF from webmail.
  • Use a device running iOS 7.0 and open the PDF


I've reproduced the issue with 3 iOS 7.1 devices.

iPad 2, iOS 7.1
Reply by cheathamcc on Mar 14, 2014 12:28 PM Helpful

Interestingly, I think I stumbled on a workaround.


For one of the emails with an attached PDF that I have been having trouble with, if I tap on the PDF icon to download it, and then tap on it to open it, I get the error (black or white screen).


But, with this same email, if I first tap on the "Download Full Message" link at the bottom of the email, the PDF will then open correctly when I tap on the PDF icon.


I confirmed that this works on two different iOS 7.1 devices.

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