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I have been experiencing issues with showing email signatures with images on my iOS 7 and 7.1 decices. I post this topic on the iPad section because the same issue is showing up on both my iPhone 5S and my iPad Mini 2. Since my iPad is less than 24 hours old I figure this is an issue with iOS 7 since both devices are showing the same error.


I have a work email signature which has some text and 8 images. I am trying to simply use the same signature that I use for my works webmail and Outlook. So according to my research I found that it is possible to add an HTML email signature on my iPhone and iPad which are both on iOS 7.1 currently but the same issue was with 7 up to now. So I read that for email signatures that have more than just text(images and HTML) you simply email that signature to your self and copy the email signature and then paste in with that specific emails signature section under Settings - Mail - Signature and then that specific email.


When I did this the signature was able to paste just fine and display as I wanted it and even correctly used HTML image and text links that I have in it.


I was then able to reply to work emails as well as compose them with the email signature working just fine. But when I either tried to compose or reply to a work email abut the 3rd or 4th time I would see the email signature text and text html links working but each image turned into a white box. I first closed out of the settings apps to see if it was a glitch and found out that this change happens for some reason. So I then have to repete my copy and past process to get the signature back to the way I had it again.


The same thing happens ever time after about 3 tries to see if the email signature is working or not.


So my question is how can I use my html email signature on my iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1 so the images do not turn into white boxes and stay exactly like I paste them in the email signature field?


This gets very old copy and pasting that soon each time. Does anyone have a solution that would allow me to set up the email signature how I want by a copy and paste and when I send an email with the default mail app on iOS 7.1 the email signature stays as it should?


Here is a screenshot of my email signature before and after so you can see what I am talking about (I did blur personal data to protect me)



iPad mini (Retina) Wi-Fi, iOS 7.1
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    You have described perfectly what is happening to me as well. I waited for a fix in iOS 7.1 and the fix never came. This is frustrating, disappointing, and very un-Apple-like.

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    I spoke at length with AppleCare tonight, including a Senior Advisor who spoke to the programming team.  Apparently, this feature is not officially supported, and they expect that any graphics that are put into the signature editor will disappear when composing or sending a message.  He recommended that anyone having this problem visit and ask for this feature to be officially supported in an update to iOS.  I just filled the form out; let's hope they put it back!

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    I tried the exact same steps as the original post which lead me down the path to search for a fix.


    I wanted to have a separate signature for work and one for personal use.  Each signature would display correctly in the signature setup.  I found two interesting actions in troubelshooting:

    1. If I created the signature in Settings while the mail app was open, I could create a new email with an image displayed correctly.
      1. If I did the above, closed the mail app and reopened it; created a new email, the image would not display.
      2. If I created the signature while the mail app was closed; and then opened and created a new email; the image would not display.


    I initially created the signature in another program and emailed it to myself so that I could copy/paste the signature into the Settings field.  After step one above; I found that I 'could' get the image to display if:

    1. I went back to the original message I sent to myself; opened the message; created a new email from that screen (not forward or reply)
    2. I could get the image to display also if I was in the folder of the email that contained the image in the signature.


    Interesting that the mail app does not appear to be referrencing the image from the Signature settings although it does for the text and hyperlink.  The mail app appears to be referencing the image locally from within the mail app cache?  I'm not a developer, however, there is something within the program that the new message is able to reference from within to pull the image.

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    I've noticed you have the images embed on the email you sent to your devices. It seems the problem is linked to iOS losing some internal reference to the image, like it's cleaning some temporary folder (thus reopening the original email you got the signature from restore the internal links). Have you tried using a reference to the images you use on the web? Since the URL will provide a reference that will always be on the same location (online) and cannot be purged, it might work all the time.

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    try this solution - I was having the same issue - the pasted graphic not appearing in my signature (on iPhone ios7) and this worked for me.


    Apple automatically tries to “enhance” the signature when you paste it, causing it to become messed up and distorted. Luckily, they allow us to Undo these “enhancements”. Shake your device until an “Undo Change Attributes” screen shows.


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    Yes I think that would probably do it - but what are the necessary steps?





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    I have tried this several times with no permanent success.





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    Hi. Spotted this today and have checked on iPhone and iPad. Sent and received to IOS and desktops.

    Create the signature with a desktop mac on email. Set to rich text!. FORWARD IT to your IOS DEVICE. Open and FORWARD but this time copy and paste into your signature on IOS From the message you have just forward Voilá

    To repeat. Copy and paste when the message is in FORWARD mode

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    This works, but how does one get rid of the forward line preceding the signature?

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    Never mind wellywelburn..  I just had to uncheck the options to increase quote level both on iPhone and my for Mac...

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    Even when i do this it still looses the internal link to the images.. if you close the mail app completely and then reopen it, you go to compose a new message and then it has the boxes for the images...


    Can you confirm that this is still working for you??

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    I have the exact same issue after quitting the Mail app. Whenever I try to create a new message I only see empty boxes. The images are gone.

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    I was having the same issue. It seems to be working fine for me now. Place your logo and information in your signature again. Create an email immediately after. Instead of sending the email close it and save it as a draft. Any additional emails after should keep the logo and other info in your signature....hope this works.

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    The best solution for now is what G Shakes said.


         Paste your signature in settings ( if it looks different after you paste it shake your phone and touch "undo" )

         Create a new email and make sure the signature looks how you want it in the email

         Make the sender yourself

         Save as draft ( touch "cancel" then touch "save as draft"

         Your images will work now after sending multiple emails


    NOTE: If you exit the mail app, or if you notice the images are not there: 


         Open up the draft you made

         Then go back

         Create a new email and you will notice the pictures are there again


    Best work around for now

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