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I recently bought a brand new Ipod touch 5th gen. I have the latest update for itunes, I want to start syncing music to my Ipod. My computer will not bring any info for this ipod touch into itunes. I had a 4th gen and I know that I seen on the right hand corner, under the search store, there should be a little icon with your Ipod below. No where is my Ipod been found. Every time I plug the USB cord into the computer, I don't see anything come on the screen. All I see is the battery charging on my Ipod. I'm getting frustrated with this Ipod not allowing me to get any music. What am I doing wrong? I also don't see any summary pane for me to reset to factory settings and start all over. how can someone help me on this? I tried turning on and off both the Ipod and computer, nothing, still the same and no Ipod is to be found on itunes.  PLEASE HELP!!

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.6