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I've downloaded GIMP for Tiger but suspect I've not got the X11 part loaded onto this computer, however I notice there is a folder that might be the correct thing, it's in the main directory as ~usr/X11R6 is that not the thing I need?


Gimp on Tiger is quoted to need X11 v1.1.3 and I should get it off the CD that came with this G4 PPC, alas this is a second hand computer so no DVD/CD.

So I'm thinking, is that the X11 needed, the folder seems to contain a lot of C++ type files as if they need a good complation in order to build them, the folders are titled: bin, includes, lib, man - the folders seem to be full of header files such as: Core.h CoreP.h lots of them about 100 files.


you may throw custard tarts at me for a laff, I do wonder though if my solution is to use Terminal and type in some unix command that will "make" the X11 from the files already on the HD.