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    I dont buy anything from the Itunes Store. Never have for that exact reason. I think if you research things you might find Apple were called into a parliamentary review in Australia and asked about their prices. While they hid behind their confidentiality clauses in their contracts it was very obvious to all and sundry that they were milking things. As a point of fact I have done the work for you and provided a link



    Link may not work but you can google it.


    Amazingly the Australian Parliamentary Report on this issue recommended the Australian public learn how to use Geo-blocking to overcome the unjustified prices we are being charged. Neither Apple, Adobe or Microsoft could convincingly justify their pricing.

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    So if you sign a contract with a copyright holder, say me, to sell my goods, and I include a confidentiality clause in the contract, and Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and others do the same, this is proof in Australia that they are "milking things." Weird justice system y'all have down there.


    But none of them have to justify their pricing. Why should they?


    And your government officially recommending violating copyrights to solve the problem?


    What a country.

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    I am not going to do your research for you. If you want to know more about it you can do that yourself. I did not complain there was a confidentiality clause, I merely said the companies were hiding behind it so as to justify their prices. You will note that all of the companies are still selling down here so they cannot be too upset by the govenrment suggesting geo-blocking (I think its a great solution and shows what forward thinkers we are).


    You will also note that Adobe and Microsoft are charging for their own software which is a download i.e. there are no costs involved other than taxes which can be no more than the GST which is 10%. In their case the copyright holder is the company itself so there is no difference in any country.

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    I'm not concerned about it so I won't do any research. But if Apple violates confidentiality agreements with me then I will be concerned. It isn't hiding, it is honoring their contracts. But apparently honoring contracts and copyrights aren't concepts that are understood in Australia. But knowing your history I understand and I can see how you would think violating copyrights is forward thinking. What's next for you, piracy of ships?

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    You will note that I have not suggested Apple or any other company has violated a confidentiality agreement nor were they asked to at the inquiry so your argument is sadly factless. Clearly you have no idea of the percentage of a copyright fee on a music track. Anyway, can I respectfully suggest that you judging other countries on their history has only gotten you into trouble throughout your own Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran. Although you have amused me with your judgement..........coming from a state where it is not only legal to carry a gun but legal to carry one unconcealed. And lets not even get onto racial segregation. Yes, you guys are such forward thinkers

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    Was referring to your past that you have in common with South Carolina, i.e. your beginnings.


    I didn't say that Apple violated a confidentiality agreement either. I applauded them for not doing so. You said that by their honoring those agreements it proved they were hiding things. And I do know about fees on music tracks.


    You have clearly NOT done your research, or stated the complete facts. It is legal to carry a long gun in public, it is not legal to carry a handgun unconcealed. People who want that option (Texas is one of only 6 states that don't) are going around carrying their assault rifles and muskets in some misguided attempt to get open carry for handguns passed.


    You certainly don't want to enter into an argument on race relations.


    Forward thinking does not equal violating copyrights.

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    Bahahaha, you win Deggie............I hope you feel better Bahahaha

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    Toasted111 wrote:


    This site is reporting "Hackers Involved in Locking and Ransoming Apple Devices in Australia Arrested"


    Yeah, there's a lot of bad reporting starting up all over again. That particular report seems okay-ish... it doesn't claim that they were arrested for the "Oleg Pliss" attack, but neither does it clearly state that they were arrested in connection with something else. Numerous reports are now stating outright - in direct contradiction to the facts - that they were arrested for the "Oleg Pliss" attack, when they were actually arrested for a different incident that may or may not be directly related.

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    Seems a couple of Russian hackerss were arrested for the Oleg Pliss thing.

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    Per several earlier msg's and newslinks, it's not really substantiated yet whether these Russians are the Oleg Pliss guys...

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    pogster wrote:


    Seems a couple of Russian hackerss were arrested for the Oleg Pliss thing.


    Nope, as I've already said, those Russian hackers were arrested for a separate, Russian attack that occurred prior to the Oleg Pliss attack and differed in some significant details. News sources that are reporting that they were arrested for the Oleg Pliss attack - as some have done - are pulling facts from their nether regions, and since they aren't getting the facts right, those stories should be ignored.


    These hackers may also have been responsible for the Oleg Pliss attack, but there is as yet no evidence for or against that. There are alternate explanations for the similarities between the two attacks without requiring them to be responsible.

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    Yes I see what you mean. I went back to the article and the accompanying illustration showed a screen shot with the Oleg Pliss message. However the original source that it was linked to didn't mention Oleg Pliss at all. I'm not going to call out the well known 'news' site but its a typical example of today's journalism - and I use that word loosely. Generating clicks rather than providing accurate content is sadly the norm today.

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    wow. it's amazing to read newspapers. didn't realize all the information that you can get from reading a newspaper. including how those two Russians were arrested for a phishing attack on iphones that targeted using the Find My iPhone app. whether that was for this current event or for a previous event will be revealed if me continue to read the newspaper. thanks MidniteDaydream for telling me how to read newspapers. ;-/

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    BAD NEWS!!


    I do a little networking and these devices have been getting hacked.




    This breach compromised all and it's spread on my entire network!!

    Access all over the logs, bogus netstat connects, lsof shows bogus processes, ps shows the same.




    Monitoring raw network data sniffing packet streams using WireShark @ access points will reveal the truth. It's ugly. All devices ROOTED.


    ROOT = cmd prompt !!


    iCloud notes, iMessage, emails, photo, microphone, cameras, location, contacts, key loggers. Bank statements, GMAIL, YAHOO, FACEBOOK.   All access.




    Check "recent activity" in gmail & yahoo. Enable 2- step verification. Cover camera & remove front camera assembly.




    Having a compromised device on LAN has infected other connected devices and machines it can spread through BlueTooth, WiFi, ETH, USB, anything in proximity. It's an epidemic flood.




    Doing research and digging a little apparently some hackers are uploading ALL your info to servers. Droid has it bad too.



    Apple and Google idiots want to sync your nuts to servers including every pic you take or **** you let out. Goodbye privacy.


    Apple just keeps enabling my Bluetooth and defaulting to sloppy spy log settings every update.


    @AquaXetine #DoulCi is gonna let them have it. It's gonna be ugly folks.

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    I'm not sure what you're talking about. The hack being discussed here does not give root access to anything, does not give any access to bank statements, GMail, etc, does not affect Android, does not compromise a LAN, or anything else. Whatever's going on for you, it's absolutely not related to the issue being discussed here.