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Hi all;

Our Powermac G4 mirrored door unit will not start. It gives a no display cable connected message on the screen; otherwise, all black. We think it may be the logic board. I would like to get a replacement logic board, but I cannot relate the part numbers I see from sellers on the internet with any of the numbers on the logic board. I wrote every spec I could find on the machine, but no luck on the logic board. I don't want to buy something incompatible. Can anyone point me it the right direction?


Here's what the tag said:   1GHz-DP 512Mb 80GB HD/DVD-R/CDRW R9000Pro MDM/KYBD/MAC OS X

The CD drive doesn't work, so we can't try to boot it with a disk. The reset buttons do nothing, as does that 4 key combination hold down thing.