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I have acquired a new iMac and wish to install Aperture (which I have already purchased) on my new machine. When I go to the App Store the only option is Buy and it doesn't appear in my list of purchases. I don't want to pay for it twice, what is happening? Can I add it to my new Mac just by copying the .app file from one machine to the other or is it more complicated than that?

Solved by léonie on Aug 31, 2014 10:49 PM Solved

On checking the App Store, the button says 'Installed'. I checked the version of Aperture running on this disk and it is 3.5.1. It still does not appear in my purchases, even in this configuration. Weird!


I will try your second suggestion. When you say copy the Aperture application over, do you mean just the .app file or everything associated with Aperture?

Follow Frank's advice and let Apple sort this out. Even if you should get Aperture to run on your new machine, you will never be able to install it properly or update it, if it does not appear in your "Purchased" tab.

Reply by Carolyn Samit on Aug 28, 2014 1:01 PM Helpful

The current version of Aperture at the App Store is 3.5.1 and requries OS X v10.9 or later. Version 3.4.5 won't run on Mavericks.



Veriify your payment method.


From the App Store menu bar click Store > View My Account then click Edit to the right of Payment Type


iTunes Store: Accepted forms of payment   (Same for Mac App Store)

Reply by Frank Caggiano on Aug 31, 2014 6:18 PM Helpful

If you have 3.5.1 but it is not showing up in your Purchases list  you really need to contact Apple what you are seeing is not right and will only cause problems down the road.



good luck



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