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  • Darrin Filer Level 1 (5 points)
    I've got the hum too. It is worse at lower brightness but is present even at highest brightness.

    Now i've got to decide if it is worth being computer-less for a week or more to possibly get it fixed. It would be aggravating as **** to bring it in, wait for ten days, and get back a machine that hums even worse.
  • Ian Leigh Level 1 (65 points)
    I am sure that, in some cases, the hum is being generated by the hard drive vibrating on the desk. I have just purchased a Western Digital external firewire drive for my Powerbook and when it is running there is a low hum. Lift it off the desk and it disappears.

    My desk has hollow metal legs on a solid wooden floor. I can imagine why it would vibrate like it does, enough to generate a hum as it spins. This is of course nothing to do with the screen brightness hum but might help put some minds at rest if they are getting a little worried with the whole hum issue!
  • cdelom Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same issue with my 24", the hum is simply annoying. Calling tech support, did not help. When I went to the apple store, they mentioned that it might be the inverter that needs to be replaced. I wounder if this would fix the issue?

    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
  • William Brown9 Level 1 (25 points)
    I've had my 24" iMac about two months. The hum started about a week ago.
  • stefven Level 1 (10 points)
    with my 24" iMac the hum is present all the time. barely noticeable at the highest brightness setting but still audible. if i get really close to the machine the hum almost disappears! and once i get about 4 feet away it has pretty much gone.

    using the pmset command in terminal you can set the hard drive to sleep after 1 minute of inactivity.

    pmset -a disksleep 1

    once that spins down you can hear the sounds of the iMac more clearly: screen hum (if you have it) and a little buzz from the bottom left corner (do we all have this one?) but remember to put it back to a sensible time like 10 mins! you need to be logged in as root to do this (sudo -s) and you have to have 'put the hard disk(s) to sleep" option enabled in systems prefs.

    pmset -a disksleep 10

    iMac 24"   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2.33 7600
  • Doug Rostad Level 1 (15 points)
    I've had my 24" imac since they first came out. I don't think I have the hum that is being talked about, the only time I can here any sound from the imac is when it's quiet in my house, and I mean TOTALLY quiet, even the furnace kicking in or a car driving by drowns out the very faint buzz from the power supply and the fan noise. The screen brightness doesn't seem to affect it.

    I can't say for sure that it never hums 'cause I usually have the TV or music on while I'm workin 'n surfin.
  • stefven Level 1 (10 points)
    just noticed that squeezing the top of the case (down and front to back) reduces the audible a hum a little. I'm wondering if the hum is only present on iMacs that have been built to order with the 2.33 CPU and/or GeForce 7600 options installed.

    what does build to order involve? do they just disassemble a standard iMac, pull the old parts out and fling the upgrades in?

  • mwohlgemuth Level 1 (0 points)
    im wondering about this also: is there a relation between getting the 2.33 c2d and the 7600gt gfx card and the display humming? so far almost all "hummers" i encountered or heard about had the bto config.
    against this speaks the fact that also some 20" imacs hum, allthough this may be just wrong perception, and the hard drive is humming on those 20" models.

    i live in austria, and i have received my 3rd imac in a row now, all where defective in some way or another. 1st was totally unstable, yet all tests made over the phone with apple care reveiled no errors. following two all had the hum. im considering either to totally step back from the purchase, or to get it repaired (ie display and inverter exchanged), allthough this would mean to lose my machine for 10 days or more. but obviously apple aint gonna fix it.

    imac c2d 24"   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
  • Freis1968 Level 1 (40 points)
    I got my new iMac Intel 20" about one month ago and it hums so loud I get a headache if it is totally quiet in the house. Anyone else? What could it be? Is there some fan adjustment or something that is required? It seems to originate from the bottome left hand corner.
  • scapesuiter Level 7 (27,660 points)
    I don't recall my 17" Core Duo or my sister's 17" Core 2 Duo humming when I change the brightness of the display.
  • Daniel Linhart Level 1 (135 points)
    What happens if you press the area that the sound is emanating from ?

    Is your hum the one that's caused by lowering the brightness or is it unrelated to that ?
  • Chris Blackwell1 Level 1 (35 points)
    I have a 2.16gHz 24" iMac and it's humming away, worse when I decrease the screen brightness. Very annoying in a quiet room actually.
  • Kevin Hung Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the first 20" Intel iMac from Jan 06' and the 24" iMac. I must say the 20" is almost dead silent, just a very soft whirl of fans all the time, hardly noticeable. But the 24" iMac on the other hand has a real hum about it, with an additional buzz when the LCD brightness is turned down.

    I think the hum is from the fans, as it transmits through the table. I can suppress it somewhat by putting some vibration absorbing foam sheets under the stand, and got rid of the buzz from dimmed LCD by using an app called Gamma Control to further dim the excessive LCD brightness.
  • Group51 Level 1 (15 points)
    Got the iMac replaced today. The genius was convinced when we compared the touch of the leg of a display iMac (solid) to mine (vibrating).

    The new one hums too, but less than when I had the last one sitting on two layers of foam, so I'm satisfied now, I can listen to music and hear only the music.
  • ch.denis Level 1 (0 points)
    on my imac humm too!

    min contrast---humm

    max contrast--no humm

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