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Stuart Crump Level 1 Level 1
Can anyone confirm whether appleTV will work with an older non HD TV running the component video and audio to a scart socket.


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  • Matthew Smith Level 5 Level 5
    The Apple Store says:

    It works with a broad range of widescreen TVs capable of:

    • 1080i
    • 720p
    • 576p (PAL format)
    • 480p

    NTSC is 480i and PAL is 576i. It seems you need a TV that can handle progressive scan.
  • MrHaggis Level 1 Level 1
    It should work as long as you TV's Scart socket will support Component - many of them are wired for Composite only and some are RGB only. A more up to date TV should offer switching between the Scart mode being in RGB or Composite.

    I've got the same problem - I've got a fairly modern Plasma unit (only 2 years old) but it only has Scart and VGA inputs. I know it supports 720p and 1080i for that matter through the VGA input as my XBox 360 is plugged in there. I don't know, however, if the Scart supports a Composite mode. It's a Philips 37" unit. In the meantime I've placed my order for the Apple TV, which I can always cancel if I find out my TV doesn't have the Composite input via the Scart.
  • Stuart Crump Level 1 Level 1
    The specifications of the scart sockets on my TV are: Full-21 pin(RGB, Normal Video, Audio L-R).
    Does the RGB bit support component and the normal video support composite.

  • Steve@Mac Level 5 Level 5

    I have a similar problem, but with an even older TV.

    My TV has only composite plugs. I just realise that the Apple TV has the RCA audio output, but not the video output.

    So, I think I may be in trouble there! do you think it is possible to find some kind of adaptor or something like this?

  • s0cky Level 1 Level 1
    I have a standard 28" widescreen tv with the componant inputs but its not HD or enhanced definition will apple tv still work with it?
  • MrHaggis Level 1 Level 1
    The specifications of the scart sockets on my TV are:
    Full-21 pin(RGB, Normal Video, Audio L-R).
    Does the RGB bit support component and the normal
    video support composite.


    You need to check the spec of the Scart for your TV - certain TV's "I think" can take Component via the Scart - but the majority are Composite and RGB only.
  • MrHaggis Level 1 Level 1
    I think I'm stuffed on this - my TV only appears to support RGB via Scart, Composite or VGA. This is a 2 year old 37" plasma from Philips which runs at 720p (and 1080i) via the VGA socket so this is very frustrating. Convertors are apparently available but they are also very expensive - almost the cost of the Apple TV unit itself it would appear.

    I also understand (unless anyone can prove different_ that you can't go HDMI to DVI to VGA using two readily available convertors back to back (i.e. HDMA to DVI and DVI to VGA).

    I've now cancelled my Apple TV order which I had placed on the evening after the launch.

    I'm very disappointed as this was the product I had been waiting on since I bought my TV originally. I think this is a poor oversight on Apple's part as very few European TV's will have Component input, as RGB was the preferred connection prior to establishment of HDMI in the past year or so.
  • SMasters Level 1 Level 1
    I too am faced with the same issue. I only have an analog TV with Composite Video and S-Video Connectors. I was really looking forward to this since I have quite a bit of video purchased in ITunes that I would love to watch on my TV.
    Apple make a DVI to Video Adapter for several Macs including the mac mini. I wonder if this would work with the Apple TV?

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  • s0cky Level 1 Level 1
    They definitly do ive used a macmini on my tv before but im not sure about the apple tv...
  • Gary i Level 5 Level 5
    Yes its all looking rather blurry and 'pro American.'

    My TV has HDMI but is used else where the free scart socket has settings to allow it to be RGB, S Video, AV or YBpBr (What ever that is)

    I found a component video to scart lead, but its not clear if it will work.

    I also checkout out doing HDMI to DVI then DVI to VGA, however all connectors I can find seem to insure you cannot connect the two together.

    to be frank this is really frustrating, my TV is only just over a year old, I seem to be being left out because I don't live in America.
  • AT Level 4 Level 4
    Wonder if Apple TV works with my InFocus SP 4805 projector. On paper, they should as my projector supports 480p via component video.
  • Stuart Crump Level 1 Level 1
    Found this info on the scart sockets and it looks like a full 21pin socket will be ok with component RGB as they should be wired as below, with pin 1 bottom right on row of 11 pins.

    Pin 1 Audio output (right)
    Pin 2 Audio input (right)
    Pin 3 Audio output (left)
    Pin 4 Audio ground
    Pin 5 Blue ground/Chroma input ground
    Pin 6 Audio input (left)
    Pin 7 Blue/Chroma input
    Pin 8 Widescreen function switching
    Pin 9 Green ground
    Pin 10 D²B input
    Pin 11 Green
    Pin 12 D²B output
    Pin 13 Red ground/Chroma ground
    Pin 14 D²B ground
    Pin 15 Red/Chroma
    Pin 16 Fast switching
    Pin 17 Composite video output ground/Sync output ground/
    Luminance output ground

    Pin 18 Composite video input ground/Sync input ground/
    Fast switching ground/Luminance input ground

    Pin 19 Composite video output/Sync output/
    Luminance output

    Pin 20 Composite video input/Sync input/
    Luminance input

    Pin 21 Common ground
  • Pietro75 Level 1 Level 1
    You're right, but the problem is that the TV have to support the component through SCART as well, usually only the Composite and SVideo pins of the SCART are used in old TVs
  • Stuart Crump Level 1 Level 1
    That is exactly my point if the spec of the TV scart socket is full 21 pin then it will support component RGB.
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