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Question: i have echo reception what i can only describe as choppy blurred voice on iphone x

I have an iPhone X reception very poor compared to 6 scratchy cranky echo cuts in and out showed to Apple bought from Apple through att next went to Apple store when they found out purchased through att next program on their site at their store took back new phone they applewere going to give me and wanted to give me some service phone. They say they can’t replace with new normal boxed phone want to replace it with service phone not helpful phone is awful anyone else had this poor customer experience?

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Nov 10, 2017 9:08 PM in response to panchososa694 In response to panchososa694

Apple has a responsibility to provide you with a working new device which they did not provide upon delivery that is unacceptable if it was a warranty problem that arose then they would be entitled to providing a replacement they breached the original contract by not providing a working product so their responsibility is to fulfill their contractual obligation a warranty provides protection for issues that arise during the warranty period not defective units upon delivery but thanks for your thoughrs

Nov 10, 2017 9:08 PM

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Nov 10, 2017 9:52 PM in response to Theoles In response to Theoles

I’ve been getting feedback from friends and family saying the sounds quality is muffled or scratchy whilst on phone calls on my iPhone X. It’s almost sounds like it’s an internet data call.

The issue seems only while using the phone raised next to my ear. When on speaker phone the issue doesn’t occur.

These are the things I’ve checked so far. I have wifi calling switched off. I have checked the back facing camera mic is exposed for noise cancelling. I’ve also toggled the noise cancelling to off with the same issue. I’ve also done a hard reset volume up volume down the hold the side button until Apple logo appears.

I figure it can’t be a hardware microphone issue as speaker phone works fine and video recording at 4K works perfectly. I also should rule out it can’t be a network issue as the same call on speaker phone works ok but when transferred back to the handset it sounds muffled. I’ve also checked the folio case I’m using isn’t obstructing any outlets for speaker and mic etc.

Just updated to iOS 11.1.1. Tested the phone under 3 conditions 1) raised to ear 2) speaker phone 3) and EarPods plug-in using A) mobile phone calls B ) Facebook internet call. Under both call conditions. Raised to ear was intermittently muffled like was being heard through cotton wool on every other word. Speaker and handset.

My network is Aldi prepaid using the Telstra mobile network. Was using a iPhone 7 Plus prior with no issues.

I’d be interested if anyone else is having this issue. I’ve tested calling the home phone and getting someone to use my phone while I listen the the call quality and under normal conditions been able to reproduce the issue every time.

Nov 10, 2017 9:52 PM

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Nov 10, 2017 9:53 PM in response to Theoles In response to Theoles

The solution an appointment with the Genius Bar. First they did a diagnostic of the device to check the hardware and sound. Next we swapped my SIM card into another phone and did a test call. The call worked perfect. So it wasn’t my some card. Next we took my iPhone X out of the folio case and did a test call. The call sounded perfect. So the Apple assistant said it must be my case. I asked to place my phone in an Apple branded folio case to test. And was able to reproduce the same muffled sounds.

The solution seems to be if you have a folio case to keep the case opened like a book

📖 next to your face, raised to your ear. The call clarity is then perfect as the noise cancelling mic near the back facing camera doesn’t get obstructed by acoustics reflected bouncing from the case flap.

Nov 10, 2017 9:53 PM

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Question: i have echo reception what i can only describe as choppy blurred voice on iphone x