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Question: how do I search for a forum?

I have arrived at Apple Communisties .... and can search individual posts (badly ... an appalling search mechanism) ... or I can eventually see a list of some forums ... but this list seems very poorly organised (by hardware device, or OS with limited sub options etc.)

At this instance I simply want to find the forum dedicated to making Apple Notes work correctly ... but in the past, and in the future, I have wanted to find other forums within this eco system. How can I search for specific forums?

(or how can I see the breadcrumbs for a found post so that I can navigate up and browse from there?)

BTW. This is similar to the posting of questions ... how do I know where to post?

MacBook Pro, OS X El Capitan (10.11.5)

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Dec 17, 2017 9:52 AM in response to deggie In response to deggie

Sorry ... my signature is out of data ... I am using High Sierra ... I have simply not worked out how to change it (or rather find these forums to be so difficult to navigate that I have generally stopped using them over the last decade or so) ... today was just an attempt to see if maybe they had become more transparent ...

Dec 17, 2017 9:52 AM

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Dec 17, 2017 10:10 AM in response to Klaus1 In response to Klaus1

Thanks for the reply ... that is the page that prompted the OP. It seems to be smoke and mirrors. Just as M$ have too many options in their products, Apple seem to have minimised this down to a plain piece of paper! Mice with no buttons are not the only minimalist area to be found!

If I search , I get a hit (of sorts) ... following that post should allow me to at least see the forum into which it was placed ... shouldn't it?

There is an irony in a welcome page where there is a single search and a big image ⚠ but no clear list. There is a link to 'more communities' which expands to show another 10 BIG icons made up of technologies, software and hardware. It seems to not be consistent. Why would iWork have an area and not Photos, notes or any of the other software?

Take Notes (in my case today). If I understand the gracious replies, it is under MacOS ... but then again it isn't. Try following the link and searching the page for Notes. Safari is there, something called 'Front Row', but not notes. Why is some software given its own area? Software could be considered dependent on the OS ... but much does not change between OS iterations, many queries will span multiple iterations equally well, and then there is stuff like iTunes and Safari who are a law unto themselves.

OK ... so follow High Sierra ... and search for Notes. Not on that page either!!! there is a small icon called Filter ... at which point Notes appears ... so after multiple clicks in the dark, I find a filter ... but I cannot search for that filter, and searching within that filtered page searched the whole community ... and we are back to the 'Welcome' page.

How do I search for the Posts related to Notes?

How do I search within th Notes pages for my key terms?

Sorry if this all seems frustrated ... it is simply my experience of Apple support at the moment ... and it was not like this under SJ. Are there any modifiers that can be used in the search box?


Dec 17, 2017 10:10 AM

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Question: how do I search for a forum?