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Question: Home App stuck Loading Accessories and Scenes

Just purchased Lutron (Caseta Wireless), downloaded the app, and trying to set up Siri Integration for it.

I have never used the home kit (Home) app until now.

On the Home app, I go to Home, but its been loading Accessories and Scene for the past 8 hours.

On the Lutron App, try to set up Homekit and SIri, after giving my home a name, it brings up a dialog "Icloud account sync in process, please try again later. I have been trying again later for the past 8 hours.

A few days ago, an apple genius replaced the battery and at the same time advised me that performance would improve if I did a clean restore from backup. Needless to say, after the restore it took a couple of hours to get setup again and several hours for all the apps to download, however thats besides the point. It also wiped out by keychain, since I had chosen not to to encrypt the backup.

All that to say is that the phone is virtually brand new. new key chain. However after reading this forum that advised the Loading Accessories and Scenes issue could be resolved by logging in to iCloud with another ID. I tried that, using my wifes ID, then deleted the keychain and logged in with mine. Of course, all my credit cards, and passwords are gone again, but no matter, would have been ok if that had resolved the issue. After a cold restart, (sleep and home button together), I was hopeful that the problem would be resolved. No such luck. "Loading Accessories and Scenes" is still haunting my Home app, and on the Lutron app, when I try to set up integration, still telling me please try again later because iCloud is syncing.

Interestingly, I managed to get the lutron working with Google Assistant app on my iPhone. Yay, Google!! But it would be good be able to use Siri with it too.

I do note many many other people have the same issue, but I havent found a solution that works for me.

Can anyone point me to Apple's solution for this?

Any ideas.


iPhone 6, iOS 11.2.6, Service Provider: Rogers

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Question: Home App stuck Loading Accessories and Scenes