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Question: Airplay issues for skype from Iphone to TV

I have been using Skype with the same set up through my Apple TV for years now and I always do a Airplay and get to see the video and hear the Audio through my TV( with Surround speakers).

Now after an update with Apple tv, then an app update of Skype on my iPhone and a software update with the iPhone itself, this issue cropped up. I mean I am able to still Airplay my skype video to my TV through Apple TV, but now am unable to get the Audio, where now the Audio comes out from the phone itself. So essentially the video is on TV and Audio on the iPhone. So something has changed after any of the 3 updates as mentioned above and am not sure where and what has gone wrong or has been changed. Any help would be really appreciated.

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Question: Airplay issues for skype from Iphone to TV