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Question: FaceTime Error and iCloud Error

On my MacBook Air - I recently changed my password for MacID - email and password works on MacID fine as I just signed into this community for example just fine.

1. BUT FaceTime won't accept my password and says error in activation for days now. FaceTime worked before I changed my new password.

2. I get into iCloud fine BUT

I want to change something within iCloud, it asks for password and then it won't accept the password but obviously I signed in with that same password just fine!

I have tried all the other answers on this website and on google - the answers do not work.

Can someone help me please?

Obviously iCloud, FaceTime (and iMessages also)

only like my password sometimes!!!!!!!!!!! This happens on my ipad too

Thank you for any new answers.

Sincerely Jayne

MacBook, 10.6.8 memory 2GB

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If you've already tried EVERY POSSIBLE answer then you'll need to contact Apple Support: Get started

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Question: FaceTime Error and iCloud Error