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Question: Repair Damaged .mov file from Photobooth

Does any one have a good solution to repairing a damaged .mov file recorded on Photo Booth? Computer lid was accidentally shut and caused the file to be damaged. I retrieved it by right clicking the Photo Booth app and opening the folder in Finder. File would not play on Quicktime or VLC.

I have tried the following solutions in order of effectiveness:

1. a video repair app costing EUR99 for unlimited use and EUR49 for 5 repairs. A free download which repairs 50% of the video to test it before you buy is a great feature because many others I've tried look like they are ripoffs that don't do anything. You need to supply a good file from the same camera which has to be on a list of supported cameras. The recovery file works on VLC but not on Quicktime. However the video and audio are not synchronised for some of the files repaired. So far it is the best app I've tried but the video-audio mismatch can be annoying and if there is another app that fixes that I would appreciate a recommendation.

2. is a service and charges on a per film basis. You download the app and provide a good file. An analysis is provided and you get a preview of still images of different parts of the video and an assessment is given online on whether they can fix the video. Then it gets expensive - $49 for a 10 minute clip. Since option 1 above was available I did not try this option but at least it seems like it would work.

3. requires downloading an app and providing a good file. The repair process never started and apparently it only supports Photo Booth version 4 (current version is 9). At least there is a free download to test it first.

4. looks identical to remosoftware above but it keeps crashing and has the same Photo Booth v4 limitation. Free download to test feature.

5. appears in many searches for this problem but it does not work and did not appear to have a free download feature. It does not require a good file. It processed the bad file, claimed it was repaired and saved it. However the saved file did not exist. There is then a feature to upload the damaged file and they will repair it but it could be phishing and I would never let a third party get a hold of my files.

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Apr 12, 2018 10:38 PM in response to Zenlaozhi In response to Zenlaozhi

I'm a video editor and I face .mov corruption issues almost every other month. Over the last 5 months even I got to experiment with the software range available online. My experience was a little different from yours. For me, Stellar Video Repair worked the best and almost every time. I have tried their newer version that claims to be better.
The second that worked about 50% of time was Grau Online.
Rest didn't work at all for me.

Apr 12, 2018 10:38 PM

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Question: Repair Damaged .mov file from Photobooth