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Question: External Keyboard issues


Im still running Logic 9.1

I have a Motif routed to my audio interface and MIDI interface.

Ive been recording and tracking music like this for quite some time now.

Recently, Ive come across this problem; the Motif stops providing audio, but the MIDI is still operating correctly.

I have to shut everything off and open Logic back up and BOOM! The audio from the motif is back.

If I lay down a melody or whatever there is not only latency coming from MOTIF, but it only allows like maybe 10 sec of playing then the audio disappears. I primarily use the MOTIF as a controller to play other sounds thru logic as well as the built in sounds from the MOTIF.

I just ordered a new USB hub, new 1/4 cables, and new MIDI cables (long overdue), sometimes the answer could be that simple and it comes down to equipment, but im still curious as to why the audio cuts out?

Im using a MOTU 828 Audio Interface and a MOTU 128 MIDI Interface.

I will provide you with any other routing questions or equipment questions if you need them

Thank you!

Still running: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

Logic Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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Question: External Keyboard issues