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Question: 9.7 inch iPad Pro Issues

On roughly 4 to 5 occasions, my iPad Pro has become inoperable. I contacted Apple Support and diagnostics were normal. What I mean by inoperable is that I literally lose control of the device. Examples: While composing an email, the email is sent. While writing a message using Messenger, the device initiates a video call..3 times. While watching a YouTube video saved under favorites, multiple pages are opened up. Perhaps the most frustrating of these phenomena is when I attempt to login to an online banking site, or any site that has a password on my keychain. I am able to enter the user name, but as I tap on the password field to access my passwords, the page is closed and something random is opened up. These occurrences have transpired over a WiFi connection as well as a cellular connection. It takes me 5 minutes to successfully slide the power button to shut down the device. Has anyone had similar experiences? It’s like someone is controlling my device.

iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 11.2.1

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Question: 9.7 inch iPad Pro Issues