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Question: Photos not Importing Metadata

Photos (version 3.0) as of last week (at least for me) has stopped importing important [to me] metadata (e.g. Date Taken, Camera Info, Location info) to Photos. Here is my process to importing photos:

  1. I import my CR2 photos using Lightroom Classic CC (7.2 release) into a designated folder called "Photo Import".
  2. I edit the photos in Lightroom (usually form PC but also on my Mac) then export the photos to a different folder called "Add to Photos."
  3. I upload the exported photos from my "Add to Photos" folder to iCloud Photos. This allows all the photos to be available to all my Mac devices.

The problem with this latest import (to Disneyland) is that the Camera info, location info, and date info metadata is all wrong. I have not had any issues with my process and I have been so impressed with how it keeps this information as I have exported so many photos this way. I even take the time to input "Keywords" into each batch of photos that I import and I like how I can search on my iPhone through my 42K photos to find a particular event/photo.

In that last batch I noticed that Lightroom keeps "Capture Time" and "Capture Date" correct but when I looked in Photos for the latest batch, it had the location wrong, the date & time wrong, and it was missing camera info. So I had to manually "Adjust Date and Time" in Photos while looking at "Capture Time" and "Capture Date" in Lightroom for the correct date and time. Also I had to change the location to Disneyland (California Adventure to be precise) as well. Sadly Camera info was not imported in Photos.

Something is happening in the Import process or in this case the "upload" process unto iCloud that is causing this information to be missing or changed in Photos.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Attached is an image of the File info from Photos, Finder, and PC Properties.

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MacBook Air, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3), Photos (version 3.0), iPhone

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Mar 7, 2018 10:58 AM in response to towers00 In response to towers00

I noticed this problem as well, today.

Using the 'Get Info' box, within Photos, I obtained the file name, and then in Finder right clicked on my Photos Library to 'Show Package Contents', went to the Masters folder, and searched for that file name. The metadata reported on that 'Get Info' box is present and correct.

I'm not 100% sure that it's the iCloud uploading process that's at fault; in my case, it would seem to be Photos itself is misreading (or simply not reading) the metadata, and sends the file to iCloud with the wrong date created.

For reference, this problem is also being discussed here:

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and here (which I see you responded to).

Photo dates wrong when Importing Photos to Mac from PC

Hopefully Apple sorts this mess out soon!

Mar 7, 2018 10:58 AM

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Question: Photos not Importing Metadata