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Question: Camera not working since iOS updates

Is anyone else having problems with the camera on the iPhone since applying iOS updates?

In the household here we have 2x 5c, 2x 5S, and 1x 6SE. We are having problems with the camera on each of them since applying iOS updates.

Specifically, the forward facing cameras are either not focusing, giving blurry useless pictures, and no camera working at all. The flash (flashlight) do not work anymore either. The rear facing (selfie) camera is the only one that works. All 5 devices were working perfectly fine before the updates. Now all 5 of them are wrecked. If it was 1 phone I may chalk it up as a failed/failing unit. Having all 5 phones go on the fritz at the same time right after updates it a completely different issue.

I've tried the following, none of which have resolved the problem on any of our devices:

- reset by holding the thumb button and the power button.

- complete initialization

- restore from previous backup

- run the battery down completely

I am absolutely certain the issue is whatever Apple pushed out in the iOS software updates.

What's up with this!

iPhone 5s

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Mar 9, 2018 11:36 AM in response to FaceDeAce In response to FaceDeAce

Software updates do not cause hardware problems. Try these steps


If unresolved then restore your iPhone and set up as new


If still unresolved, then it's a hardware failure. You can contact Apple support for mobile diagnostics, just know they require a WiFi connection to run. They will offer you your repair options should you choose to pursue them.

Mar 9, 2018 11:36 AM

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Question: Camera not working since iOS updates