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Question: Internet Accounts "unable to verify account name or password" in Flickr

I tried connecting my Flickr account in "Internet Accounts" and have been receiving the "unable to verify account name or password". It seems this is not unusual.

It looks like both Apple and Flickr users are caught in the middle of an authentication feud. The last word that was received from Flickr was that Apple was "using an old authentication method that Flickr no longer supports for security reasons. If Apple doesn't move to a different type of login, then there's not much we (Flickr) can do about it. We have contacted them, but for now, we can't provide a definite answer."

The Flickr thread can be found here.

Flickr: The Help Forum: [Answer provided] I'm logged in to flickr, can't upload from Mac photos

Is the implementation of a newer authentication method that disruptive to Apple's other services that require authentication? If both companies refuse to make concessions and work to solve the problem, then why doesn't Apple just drop Flickr (since it doesn't work anyway) rather than offer something that doesn't work?

Is there any movement on Apple's side to fix this?

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Question: Internet Accounts "unable to verify account name or password" in Flickr