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Question: Can't eject multi-volume CD

I loaded a CD-G into my USB SuperDrive. I have loaded a bunch with errors from my old LG drive, but a few CDs had the same problem that I have with my Apple Superdrive - except I can eject a CD from the LG with a paperclip.

A few CD-Gs open up two drives in finder (see attached file). When I try to eject the drive, I get a choice beween ejecting one or both. Neither choice accomplishes anything. I can't shut down my iMac except by pushing the off-button. I even tried terminal and "/usr/bin/drutil eject".

I took the drive to my wife's iMac and got the same results. We both have fully current MacOS.

I guess I'll take my drive to the Apple Store and see if they can get the disk out.

iMac, macOS High Sierra (10.13)

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Question: Can't eject multi-volume CD