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Question: How can I free up space in my iPhone?

My iPhone’s storage is full. I have a 5s and iOS 11.2.6 My Mac is synced up to my phone. So with that in mind I want to transfer all my photos to my Mac, and have no pictures on my phone, and my Mac have all of them saved. I am not sure on how to do that without losing the pictures, because currently they both have all the my pictures, and if I want to delete the pics on my phone, then all of them get deleted on my Mac too.

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Mar 10, 2018 9:27 PM in response to Kevv11 In response to Kevv11

If you're not using iCloud photo library, then you can import them using the instructions posted by roaming gnome. If you are, then you'll need to log in to iCloud.com on your Mac and download them individually, then drag them to the photos app.

Also, if you have a 16GB phone, then it's probably best that you don't use iCloud photo library.

Mar 10, 2018 9:27 PM

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Mar 10, 2018 9:40 PM in response to Kevv11 In response to Kevv11

If you need to free up free data storage space on an iPad/iDevice, you need to start by backing up your iPhone to either Apple's iCloud or by connecting your iDevice to a computer running the latest iTunes.

Then delete any installed apps that you no longer use or use infrequently enough that they aren't missed (you can always reinstalled any purchased or free apps at some time later, as you need them).

Thin out/delete any music/videos/movies/TV shows/images/eBooks/eMagazine/iBooks/audio books/Documents/PDFs, etc.

Delete any old saved emails that maybe saved to your iPhone

To permanently delete photos/images off of your iDevice go into the Photos app and find the Recently Deleted folder/album and permanently delete any photos/images stored in that folder/album.

Also, you can check to see what stuff is eating up all your valuable data storage space by going into the Settings App,,General Settings Panel, in the right hand column, tap the iPhone storage usage panel, in the top Storage Panel, tap the Manage Storage panel, wait for a list of apps to generate that will tell you how much space each app is taking up on your iDevice.

Then do a hard reset of your iPhone by holding down both the Home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously until your iPad goes to black and restarts with Apple logo, then release the buttons.

Good Luck to You!

Mar 10, 2018 9:40 PM

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Question: How can I free up space in my iPhone?