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Question: Problem with Producer Kits and Latency

System Specs:

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3

Processor: 2.9 Ghz Intel Core i5

Memory 8Gb

Running Logic Pro X Version 10.4.1

Here's the description of my problem as best as I can describe it.

  • I have a live drummer I recorded using a electronic drum kit, no problem, so far so good.
  • I change the drum kit to a producer kit and it goes out of sync. It's like there's immediately a really long delay. In fact, when I open the drum kit designer and click on the kick (or any piece), I hear a faint kick, and then a second later, I hear the kick.
  • I did some research and found that if you turn on "low latency mode' in the Audio preferences it fixes that problem, but it creates a new problem...
  • When I go to record a live track (vocal or guitar, for example), the track I record is out of sync. I can sing or play and it sounds right when I do it, but when I play it back, the track plays a second or so late!
  • I can fix this by turning off low latency mode, but then my drums go out of whack, so I can't use producer kits, and and record new tracks. If I switch the drums back to a normal, non producer kit, I can turn off low latency mode and everything is fine.
  • I tried trashing my prefs file and restarting but that didn't help.

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Question: Problem with Producer Kits and Latency