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Question: IPhone x bluetooth

I just bought some Aftershokz Air. When I connect to my iPhoneX it sounds like my music is skipping. I am hard of hearing so I need the bone conduction. I have been having issues with my streamer dropping, but thought it was my streamer. Now I know it is my phone.

I have search the Web and found numerous report of Bluetooth issues on the X.

So this is what I have tried to no avail:

1) Reset network settings - did not resolve

2) Reset all settings - did not resolve

3) Rest headset - did not resolve

4) Drive around the block to check for interference issue- did not help

5) Connected headset to my wife’s 7 - worked fine

6) Connected headset to my IPad - worked fine

7) Connected headset to my Avantree TV streamer - worked fine

8) Tried Aftershokz Titanium headset on X - did not resolve

9) Deleted all my Bluetooth devices and reset up - did not resolve

I have noticed in the car that my Hearing Aid streamers (bluetooth) were dropping the bluetooth. It would switch to the car bluetooth and back to my streamer.

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Question: IPhone x bluetooth