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Question: iPhone 6S Plus GPS not working

I have a iPhone 6s Plus, battery recently replaced due to shutdown issues, and since then (or maybe its just coincidence) my iPhone GPS has not been working correctly. It knows where I am when I open Maps or Google Maps, but once I start Directions or Turn-by-Turn, it does not follow me. Sometimes it will "skip" to where I was about 10 seconds ago, but it certainly is not a smooth experience of continuous tracking, and the Audible Directions do not work because the phone is not tracking me appropriately. So, GPS is essentially useless.

I have tried to restart phone, redownloading apps, etc, but nothing has worked. I see similar issues in the Forums here, but have not found a solution that reliably works. I am adding my post to hopefully increase attention to this issue, which is a really core issue to our experience of smartphones today. Thanks.

iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 11.2.5

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Question: iPhone 6S Plus GPS not working