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Question: Device security


I’ve been hacked/phished recently and am getting a little paranoid by it. First my bank card numbers used elsewhere and second a suspicious attempt to access my email. I’m trying to figure out why and how, as I used to think I was quite safe online.

I don’t use my PC much these days, so doubt I got Trojanned or whatever on there - but I’ve given it a good clean and will upgrade my antivirus anyway, but I admit I don’t really know much about the security on my iPad, Mac and iPhone. I’ve always been told in the past and now just take it for granted that “Apple devices are impregnable”. Can anyone clarify that for me, whether I can trust those devices?

I think I probably let my guard down and got phished or suckered by a duplicate webpage, or my details got hacked out of an online company or something, but I just want peace of mind that my Apple devices are safe.

Sorry for writing war & peace as a first post. A bit too long...


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Question: Device security