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Question: Logic Pro session file turned into folder

Hello everyone!

So, I'm a GCSE Music student, and I use Logic Pro X to compose my songs. Recently, my teacher was copying a draft of my composition (which was a .logicx file, not MP3) from my USB to her laptop, which is Windows. Upon doing so, the session file turned into a folder, which has three other folders, Alternatives, Media and Resources on both her laptop and my USB. I checked Apple Support's breakdown of how Logic saves files, and apparently if it turns the session file into a "package", it says there should be a folder titled Project with my file still in it, alongside the Alternatives, Media and Resources. However, there isn't such a folder or file.

Is there anyway I can convert it back into a .logicx file? I can always record everything if it truly isn't possible, but if there's a chance I could recover the file, I'd love to take it.

Thank you!


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Rename the folder appending 'dot logicx':

[Your Project Name].logicx

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Question: Logic Pro session file turned into folder